JRiver Nova setup


Hoping someone can give some instruction on setting up JRiver to cast to Nova. Installed Jriver on Win10 desktop this evening but no idea how to setup to cast to Nova. Desktop and Nova on the same network. Any advice appreciated.


Go to tools, options, media network.
Tick “use media network to share this library and enable DLNA”
Authentication is not needed.
Click Add or configure DLNA servers (see second image)
Tick DLNA server, and DLNA controller.

In the “add or configure DLNA servers” section:
Click Add
Select audiophile 24 bit dac
Choose mode “specified audio format”
Choose format “pcm 24 bit”

After that, it should be visible in the Naim app.

Or drive the whole thing through jriver itself.
Eg right click on an album, choose “send to” and choose your Nova.


Great instructions :+1:

Thanks very much for responding so quickly. All sorted.


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