USB drive disconnects after standby, then takes ages to reconnect

I use a portable hard drive in the USB input of my muso. I select standby from the settings menu when I am done listening. When powering the muso back up I more often than not get the message that the USB drive has disconnected. It then takes forever to reconnect. Actually I am not sure how or what sequence/process it goes through to reconnect but it eventually does. Sometimes the app displays “loading…”. The hard drive has a lot of music on it, so maybe there is a sort-of library refreshing process going on. Does anyone have a fix or a way of shutting down the muso so that the drive stays connected?

I think that is because the muso has to remap the drive every time it turns on. It does take a long time if there is a lot of music there.

The two ways round this that occur to me aren’t going to please you much. One is to leave the muso on all the time and the second is to store the music on a network connected device like a NAS. Either way, your music will be available instantly.

Thank you David. I believe you are right. I haven’t much faith in my network to support any more gadgets (too much concrete around the place) plus I am not up to speed on Meshs and the like. I see it mentioned a lot, am not sure what it is, but I will look into the NAS option. I would have thought an old laptop would do the job but I haven’t seen a decent bit of software (a jukebox app?) as an interface.

I am sure others will suggest software to run on a PC.

The NAS option wouldn’t need WiFi, you just plug an Ethernet cable into one of your router’s LAN ports. As long as your muso has a reasonable WiFi signal it should all work.

You could use upnp software on a laptop running for example “asset” or “minimserver” or jriver media center. The last one has jremote app for iOS/android and you can use it with a muso.

Like this:

Looks good. I’ll check it out - and thanks.

If you trial jriver, here are some instructions to setup the dlna server.

Thank you for the tips

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