Julian pics

Could you say which units they are? 250 and 110?

Thanks, T

The bottom one looks like a HC to me.

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Yes a 250 and a hicap. Think they are “Holden fishers” transformers. Well they look the same as my 1988 135 monos. I’m lucky to own them, a good friend gifted them to me. One had broken glass so I immediately got it fixed up.
I have considered starting a collection of olive framed posters.

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I have a great Anthology of older Naim posters and prints hanging in my shop
I’ll have to take some photos and post them.
Years a go while visiting Naim HQ back when Richard and Doug worked at HQ they let me loose in the area that had the prints, even grabbed a original Naim mug and ball cap !
And come to think of it a couple of T shirts !!


I notice that Luxman are the Japanese partner for Focal. Is that not a leveragable relationship?

Is Linn store still operating in Japan?
Their life style approach seemed to be more popular over there than stealth looking all black Naim kit.

Linn do very well in Japan. Not great reviews but a loyal customer following.

That’s cool. They are still hanging in. I’d reckon LP12 still a cult product there, right?
I think that Naim came a long way from the utilitarian Olive range but lighter airer Linn look is easy on eyes. ( especially women )

Also they make the entire range from top to bottom for seamless integration.

There used to be a blog style website with a rabid flat earth Japanese dude. I can’t find it now, tho.

True. That doesn’t explain why Accuphase and Luxman are popular though. They are not exactly subtle designs.

I used to think all Japanese hifi was naff when I worked in hifi retail in the UK. But their hi end stuff takes a lot of design decisions that are similar to Naim.

Luxman go in for the same type of Ti PCM chips that Naim do, are obsessive about PCB layout and star earthing, and most of their power amps are regulated designs. Esoteric go in for external power supplies on their top end preamps and sources. Almost all Japanese brands, even entry level ones, extoll the virtues of recapping at the mothership periodically.

I think, if I suddenly found Naim impossible to get hold of here, I’d be more likely to try a Japanese brand than go back to Linn.

Main issue with Japanese hifi is it is pretty low power. A lot of $20k power amps out there rated at 25w needs some pretty sensitive horns to fill a room at realistic volumes. Or a lot of triamping.

Target market for Accuphase/Luxman and Linn seemed very different. The former brands are for older guys, Linn is more for younger style conscious well to do market.
When I attended a Japanese hifi show, Luxman dem room was filled with middle aged men in dark suits.

Accuphase’s customer and product support are legendary. A friend is a huge fan of this brand. Whilst I still prefer Naim’s house sound but Accuphase CD player is excellent tho markup to the US market is criminal. :confused:

A typical Japanese luke warm heavy sound which cater well to their audience.

I think that Japanese dwelling situation does not lend itself to playing @11. So I am not surprise they prefer small but high quality power. You can go pretty loud with an honest 25w class A power with something like Snell E type speakers. But if you want a stadium rock, yeah… horn is the only way.

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I love Japan, but also love that I can wind up my system until my ears bleed.

You must be living alone in a remote location. :astonished:

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Replace ‘system’ by ‘neighbours’ and you’re there.

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Modern flats to own in Japan are fairly well sound proofed. But of course most live in rental properties or in houses where the outside walls are thin and there isn’t enough daylight between your house and the next for a cat to squeeze through.

I’m lucky I can crank as loud as I want to where I now.

I see there is a P3 table with an ARO? Do you remember which cartridge he was using at that time?

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:relaxed: No and no.

The SO isolates herself behind 2 closed doors when the volume goes up, and watches funny cat videos on her computer.

I have a free standing house, but the neighbors are near by. The one precaution that I undertake is to close the windows.

There’s only one incident that I recall. I wound up one (ex)neighbor many years ago, when I came home from a night out, cranked up the system (Arcam Alpha tuner, NAD 3140 and Mission 770 Freedoms at that time), and fell asleep in the bedroom (I may have been somewhat lubricated).

When I regained my senses in the morning, I realized that I had been remiss in closing the window facing them (I did live alone at that time).

The only other (non-audio) excessive noise incident involved a late night return home with my 454ci, dual exhaust Chevelle, but that’s another story.

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Kuma, Ithink it may have been the Linn Karma at that time

What? There is no need to whisper!

Any old Julian pics that aren’t already out there on the net?

Or old articles on Naim?