Jumper Nac a5 biwiring

Good Upgrade?

In reality it would be pretty difficult to bend a length of NACA5 that short to connect to bi-wire terminals. Unless you are Geoff Capes.

By coincidence, I noticed that one of the usual eBay dealers is selling a pair of Kans (Mk2, I think) with NACA5 jumpers like “butterfly wings”.


My ES11s had A5 doing exactly that for 21 years.

I have made jumpers for my ATC SCM 40s using NACA5. Being a three way you need 4 loops per speaker. I found it best to warm the insulation first, it is possible. The end result looks like two macdonalds arches per speaker.

I’ve had NACA5 jumpers on my B&Ws for several years, from a Naim dealer in Glasgow who advertises on the Bay. What’s more, I regularly have to plug/unplug them when I need to connect the cinema amp. Sure, they need firm but careful handling, but I’ve had no problems so far.


+1 here for A5 jumpers. Had them for ages on my PMC’s and work fine, certainly worth doing to match speaker cable and certainly to replace the metal bars that ship with speakers typically.

How did you configure the jumper? I’m still running ES11s in my system, and I’ve been thinking about whether there’s any benefit in sorting out the jumpers.

The bit I’m not sure if about is what plugs to use - the jumpers I’ve got at the moment have two sets of banana plugs (the lower set allow another banana plug to be inserted). Is there sufficient connection with the spades?

I didn’t. My dealer did. Still got it somewhere in the garage. That said, an A/B comparison suggested bi-wiring the ES11s was a waste of time sound wise.

Cheers. I wasn’t thinking of bi-wiring, just wondering if there would be any SQ benefit for swapping out the stock jumpers (connecting the link between the bass and tweeter when you’re not running bi-wired) with NACA5.

To my mind, an F-connection is a neater solution than a separate jumper cable. The wire is then continuous through one connection to the other, and it costs nothing apart from an extra set of banana plugs.

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Thanks - I’ve got a set of Phantom cables on order so I might ask them if they can terminate that way on one end

Naim banana plugs lend themseles to this with their right angle connections. I’m not sure if the regular bananas that Witch Hat use would work, but you can always ask.

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