Just a bit of fun

Space for my new piece of kit,
But what am i getting?
Correct answers will get a like,

Nap 250 chrome bumper

An airfryer………the latest must have……i was never going to win😂


@suzywong would the Lego Titanic fit there?


NAP250, hopefully CB version to match other kit.

I’d be getting shot of that chest of drawers and getting something nicer, and narrower to give the SBLs more room to breathe. A CB 250 is the obvious thing, if it’s not an air fryer.


Another coffin

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A Naim frail lite from the look of that support!

A Linn or Naim Streamer.


A lamp maybe? Just to introduce a bit of RFI.

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Eversolo streamer ?

Defo a power amp take your pick. :thinking:

So funny, thought to myself “double H is going to pitch in here on this” situation was made for you.

I was thinking lamp and you went sideboard.

No offence to either OP or Double H, just instinct.

A 250 is so obvious, so it’s fun to try something else. Which is what the OP wanted anyway. A sandwich toaster would also fit, or maybe a waffle maker for those mid listening session munchies.


An A&R A60.

An olive 250 to replace the 180 ?


This is not the final place for my kit,
It will be moving it to mine,
(At mothers for the moment.( so not my furniture :rofl:))
I know I Need too reseal and set the SBLs once moved,
So i Am not doing it twice
So for now they are there, and if it upsets people tuff :poop:
I’ll go move them, all out of shape,
Then post a pic, just too wind people up, :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Got some lovely place for them,
Against a brick wall,
And no it’s not a 250
Have too guess again

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I agree with the lighting,
I’ll let my mother know,

They are so yesterday,

Tried that, makes the speakers hum,
I’ll Try putting it into the high cap,
Might work better,
Or maybe a dedicated power supply,
What rating would I need, :rofl:

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