Just an observation!

Please see my profile. I’ve traded in my KDS 3 Klimax Kontrol and Aura for a Selekt DSM Edition Hub with Dual Mono Organic DACs. I can now use Space optimisation for both digital files and analogue inputs are digitised before optimisation and then reconverting to analogue.
I am now very happy with the newer version of Space Optimisation, which has cleared the boom.
So here’s the observation:
I’ve just listeed to the Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Session, on both vinyl and as a ripped CD file.
The original recording was digital (DAT)
So, for the viny version I have listened to:
Dig → Ana–> Dig → Ana
…and yet, the vinyl still sounds noticeably better.
I was not expecting this (and I write this very deliberately).
I would guess that this would add weight to the hypothesis that vinyl adds something euphonic. I don’t care though, if it sounds better it is better!


It’s a great album. I have it on vinyl and CD and have compared to the ripped CD and Qobuz. I agree with you and so do some non-owners of turntables.

Most obviously, Postcard Blues is clearly not intended to be smooth- a chum with lots of studio experience reckons voice and harmonica were close-miked to sound intense and distressed but every digital version then sounds a tad soft and gentle anyway. If this is a failing of the digital versions, I am told that there is no need for it, but also no fixing it if that is the version you are using.

The CD is great music. The LP too is great but also makes the hairs on the neck stand up and makes Ms. Timmins’ voice sound a good deal closer and more distressed.

I have lent a friend an LP12, and he is discovering (after 40 years of music) for himself how effective the primitive medium is and that digital versions are not always the ones that grab you most. This album is far from the only example where it shouldn’t be true…


Agreed…it precipitated me buying a whole lot of their work. Usually, I have no love of covers but, Blue Moon and Powderfinger…just wow!

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The Trinity sessions is indeed wonderful. It was a simple live recording, a single Calrec Ambisonic mic into a 2-channel R-Dat recorder (THE COWBOYS JUNKIES – THE TRINITY SESSION ALBUM | emmanuel lodu)

If you listen carefully, especially on the vinyl, you can hear a Toronto street car going by.

I wish more

We are like-minded…and aware of the (what we call a) bus!
Driven through Toronto years ago (on a bus, on the way to Hamilton) …but it was dark, so don’t know if I passed the church.

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I have the Blue Moon 12-inch single - it’s rather good.

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I had no idea that there was a 12" single. Very cool.

Discogs has mint bargains…

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You do realise that I am going to have to listen to it now! The CD only, I don’t have it on vinyl, yet. It is a terrific album.

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