Just bought dBpoweramp

Finally pulled the trigger and bought the full version of dBp. Am currently converting all my various file formats to FLAC. Not the most intuitive interface, but once you get it going it really hums. As a trial I’m converting 3k tracks and it looks like it will take about 90 mins.

Looking forward to updating all the metadata, album art, etc. once converted.

Special shout out to @Mike-B who says he’s not the dBp guru, but always has the answers :grinning:


I take back all my positive comments.

After 2 hours, it has managed to copy some tracks in the same folder (not replace) with FLAC versions.

I thought ‘convert’ would convert aiff versions to FLAC versions and leave a clean set of tracks behind.

Total crap.

I now have a completely messed up music library

Presumably you have a backup.

Out of interest why do you want to convert all of your aiff files to flac?

Pretty sure you can set it to delete the original file after convert. Might be a DSP function

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I’ve just gone into the files and deleted the aiff versions across folders - so there’s now some consistency

now updating album art, etc

worst case it all goes wrong and I re-rip the CDs

I assume you are using the dBp Batch Converter to do this?
I’ve only done this once when I converted all my WAV albums to FLAC, so not really had much experience, happy to say it worked perfectly, I just left it running over night and it finished by morning. Checked it out running with the new FLAC files, they were all OK so I was then able to delete the original WAV files.
But we’ll give it ago if you tell us what you did …… so please tell us all the settings and steps you used and maybe we can figure it out


When using the batch converter I always set it to create the converted files in a different folder to the originals. It just makes it easier to see what’s going on, for me at least. And if everything goes well, it is easy enough to use a file manager to get things just as you want.


I think it’s you who has managed to do this. You’ve apparently jumped in without fully understanding how dBPoweramp works and no apparent strategy to get you to what you want to achieve.

There is an option to delete source file


It’s not enabled by default presumably so that people cannot delete their rips accidentally.

RTFM seems appropriate advice.



I’ve demoed it but not purchased as yet.

I think most users would appreciate that by default it does not delete or overwrite the ‘source’ files when converting.

Imagine if you were converting a lossless format to a lossy one (say for use on a portable device) and it deleted or replaced the originals by default - then I’d be hopping mad.

But aiff files can have Metadata albeit relatively limited, so curious why you wanted to convert? If there was no metadata to start with, converting to FLAC won’t generate meta data? At lest I can’t see how. The only mainstream reason you would convert from aiff is because you either want to save storage space (aiff is almost identical to wav) or you wanted to add album art to a specific file… such as to make a compilation for a USB memory stick for the car.

Slightly intrigued over the issue, once converted and happy, go to the folder with the new files, select the extensions of the old format wav file and delete them. It’s safe and simple.
I think you can set dbpoweramp to do for you, but would be safer to do manually to avoid accidents.

Easy. Restore your backup and start again… Who said anything do with IT was easy?

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Calling this ‘IT’ is a slight stretch of the imagination.

OK…digital information?

You have the option to delete the original file after conversion.

It’s best to test your procedure on a single file first after you have taken a full backup.

The album art feature in PerfectTunes is brilliant though

OK so I’m confused, what have you done and what help do you need to do what ???

Nothing, thanks - was just posting some of my thoughts…

It’s looking like a pretty good application, but not the most user friendly if you don’t RTFM as .sjb says

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or home streaming perhaps? Its certainly different from setting up a turntable cartridge with correct tracking, anti skate and weight.