Just hooked up my 282/300 and no sound

Anybody have a clue why? I couldn’t find a diagram to connect the 300 to a hicap. Just used the two outputs closest to the input from the 282.

Help appreciated.

That sounds right. Have you got the DIN to XLR cables round the right way. Green Ch1, Red Ch2 ?

As per James - it’s easy to get the XLR leads the wrong way.

I have the red one on the right side and green on left… just like the manual.

So is the 282 connected to the Hicap like this

Socket 4 on the Hicap to 282. Socket 3 and 2 to the 300. Green band to Ch1, Red band to Ch2 ?

Paddle Link plug in place on the 282 ?

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Yes. I firgured out the problem. The CD Din input on the 282 doesn’t seem to work.

If it’s all connected correctly and the 2nd upgrade link plug is fitted, check all inputs and/or reassign them as needed.

OK, it’s probably assigned to one of the RCA Phono inputs - you need to reassign it to DIN.



I think you need speakers too. Am I wrong?

Is it all working ?

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This would suggest that other inputs are working…

Too hot to do much outside so swapped the 32.5 out for the 62 in my kitchen system.

I don’t know about the sound quality (yet) but the 62 certainly looks better.

Downside is when my wife returns from lunch with our daughter she’ll be convinced it’s a fresh purchase.

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Yep. Just curious as to whether the OP sorted the CD input too as Richard suggested.

Haven’t done it yet but I’m sure that is the problem. Bought it from a dealer that had it hooked up to a non Naim source.

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