Just won Elton John tickets 😁

Really chuffed, my wife has won two tickets to see the Elton John farewell tour at the O2 in 2023 with an overnight stay at a London hotel.



Has she told you who she is taking with her yet?


Yes me, although I am already getting it in the ear as her mum is desperate to go… :roll_eyes:

What was first prize?

Only kidding, love Elton.

Have a great time.


It’s a great show, saw him in Prague as part of the final tour.

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You gotta hope he don’t pop his prop clogs before then.


Let your Mother in Law go…means a night in, on your own: play time!


Appalling old hoofer.


I saw him in Sydney a few years ago and he really blew us away. Full on, hit-after-hit-after-hit, played for 2 solid hours. Brilliant show.

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Saw him in 1971 in Epsom. He kept coming back for repeated encores and eventually as our repeated clapping was dying out, the organizer said I think Elton will come back if you really show your enthusiasm and at the first clap he was back out. Little did we know he would a mega star 50 years later. Of course he was very good.

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Winning Elton John tickets. The very definition of a Pyrrhic victory

Thanks for sharing your unneeded opinion.

Never mind, what was the first prize? Only joking my friend, well done, a long time to wait, but I’m sure it will be worth it!!

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