Just wondering - The Uniti Core and metadata

I’ve been ripping quite a lot of music lately and occasionally come across a situation with multiple disks in which Disk 1 collects full metadata and Disk 2 is completely unrecognized. No metadata at all, so I wonder why? Is there anyway to force it to look again?

If the Core doesn’t find any metadata when it rips a CD, then it will automatically look again for a few days (I’m not sure how long). But you can make the Core look again any time you like. You select the album, hit the dots at the top of the home page for the album and a drop down menu appears. You tap “Edit Metadata” and you get a screen that allows you to tell the Core to “Lookup Metadata” it will look for a minute or less and then you can see the results. If there was none, then likely there will still be none. But you can select the tab for each metadata source and see what it found. And of course you can then edit the metadata yourself. But if you do this, it doesn’t automatically look again. You are now into editing it and telling it if you want it to look again.

The Core not finding the second CD is something I have seen sometimes and it means that the publisher of that CD hasn’t told Rovi what that CD identity relates to. It’s very annoying, but it’s not Naim’s fault.

Ah, the Core and Metadata….! :roll_eyes::flushed:

I’ve had that happen a good few times…who knows why, but for some reason the second (or first) disc just doesn’t get a hit with the Rovi/Musicbrainz lookup….

The real annoying aspect is that you can’t simply copy over say the album title and artist from the CD rip that has had a successful lookup and then do a ‘manual’ lookup, as I believe it makes no difference to subsequent metadata lookups – i.e the lookup mechanism always uses the initial ID of the CD and not any user amended metadata edits, so it will always get the same (no) results as the initial rip lookup….Bit daft if you ask me.

Your only real workaround is to move the rip off the Core, use a 3rd party tagging solution (eg Metadatics, SongKong etc) and then move back on to the Core Download folder….
I believe you use Roon, so you could also have Roon use its own metadata (there’s a preference to either use Roon or the file’s own embedded) ……


And what David said!

My solution when my Unitiserve does this is to rip the CDs with iTunes, which gets the two discs identified correctly every time.

Gracenote (as used by Apple) never fails, IME….
I wish it was on the Core….but I believe the licensing is expensive and also ‘exclusive’ ……


Yes, Gracenote does seem to give the correct lookup results most consistently in my experience, which is why iTunes is my go-to solution when other (i.e. Naim) rippers fail.

The only thing I would add here is that while the metadata lookup always uses the CD initial id, the image lookup does use whatever you want it to use.

Why the hell didn’t they port the same function over to the general metadata…!? :roll_eyes:

Re the artwork lookup, although my norm is to do separate searches myself and add to the file folder, the times I am inclined to do an initial artwork addition via the Core, I often use the Google option and let it display the initial page and search results, but then edit the search title to whatever additional keywords I want…or even just go off to the artist’s website etc…whenever you get the image result you want, you can then still select to copy, approve the App paste and click Done to return to the Naim App and the artwork will apply…….


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This is mostly helpful and interesting, but regardless I usually just accept defeat and do the editing myself. I enter title and artist (no big deal) but I do have to grit my teeth a bit when it comes to entering track info. Sometimes it is hard to find. So much of my music is opera so track info is typically in a foreign language. THIS IS NO FUN TO TYPE IN!! What a tedious job!

I think what happens most often is missing artwork. That baffles me. If the lookup can produce title, artist and track info, why can’t it find Album Art? Time after time I’ve had to search for the album, copy the Album Cover to my Photo Library on my iPad and update the album cover from my photo library. I’ve done this so many times I think I can do it in my sleep.

One of the issues with classical recordings is that the album art is often wrong anyway. I recently bought a used CD from an Amazon markets supplier and the cover art is what you might expect. But the metadata from Rovi said that it was disc 20 of a 43 disc set of recordings by Benjamin Britten and the cover art offered by Rovi was of the whole set and entirely uninformative as to what the music was on that CD!

So not having the cover art provided by Rovi can actually be an advantage!

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