Justin Currie of Del Amitri fame

I’ve been a huge fan of this band since 1989 and have avidly followed them since. I was very sad to hear this week that Justin Currie, lead singer has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at just 59. Justin is an extremely articulate and intelligent man and has decided to make his condition public in the hope it helps others in a similar situation.

Two notable programmes are coming up:

Laura Kuesenberg interview on her One Programme 10th March 9am BBC1

BBC Radio 4 programme “Tremelo” on 10th March at 4.30pm features an interview too.

I deeply admire Justin’s bravery in dealing with this and his desire to carry on playing, writing and performing. I met him at length as a Dels event at the beginning of 2023 and can confirm he was an absolute delight to be with. So grateful to meet fans and willing to spend any amount of time with us - just an absolute gentleman…

I thought it might be of interest to some who appreciate this wonderful and under-appreciated artist.



Yes, i read this too……a favourite of mine.

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Just thinking about his wonderful recording career none better than this project with Kevin McDermott


Sad news, lots of work being done on slowing the impact of the illness down, let’s hope Justin is a beneficiary of this work.

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AndyP, I only discovered the Uncle Devil Show by chance a few years back and his denials of any involvement in the project were hysterical - an absolute gem of an album…

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