JV Interview with Malcolm Steward

I read the fascinating interview of Julian Vereker by Malcolm Steward on the Audiocounsel website.

JV tells some great stories about how it was setting up the company from nothing.

At the end he describes his view on sound reproduction:

JV: One has to accept the inherent compromises of each design and pick whichever suits one the best. There’s an answer that’s right for you and one that’s right for me. The fact that I would violently disagree with an awful lot of right-for-them answers – the particular thing of soundstage, detail, and depth and imagery, i.e. the presentation being more important than the content, I think is totally wrong. There’s no point in having great presentation unless you have the content.


It’s Malcolm Steward.

I thought so - but it’s spelled wrong on the site.

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Wow! bang in the middle of when I was there testing those NAT01s and new NAT02

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Did you work at Salisbury?

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Still my favourite audio writer in history, I well remember the sheer delight of being at University and treating myself to a copy of Audiophile magazine and settling down in a quiet corner of my room with a coffee for a read…

I had the pleasure of meeting him for a beer at Bristol one year back around 2002, he was every bit as nice as I had hoped.

I’m not sure if I would have discovered Naim without him but he was a huge influence on my tastes for sure…

Very sadly missed,



@JimDog - Thank you for posting this. I think I have read it before, but many may not have - and its worth re-reading, as I did… :slightly_smiling_face:

Well said :heart::pray:

Jimdog, to ensure rules aren’t broken I’ve had to remove the direct link to the dealer’s website, however, I’m sure most will be able to easily find the article.

Malcolm is much missed by so many of us.


I’m sure he would have been as shocked to hear this as I am.

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I’m not sure there is any way to get to the article without a link, but maybe I’m missing something.

Anyway I got to it while the link was still there and I really like the following quote just after the quote in the OP.

I’d far rather talk to Einstein on the telephone than talk face to face to a doorman in a hotel. One may be ‘live’ and ‘there’ and visual and all the rest, with perfect presentation and fidelity but it’s the content of the conversation that’s important.

I really like the “attitude”, audio reproduction being full of compromises and these are the compromises I make because it’s how I like things to sound.


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Had not read this interview, very enjoyeable.

Search for ‘Audio Counsel julian vereker malcolm steward article’.


I typed something similar into Google and found the article quite easily.

I couldn’t access it directly via the Retailer’s website.

You can also find it through the Naim website Connection page “Remembering Julian”


The article ends with the JV thoughts on detail, soundstage versus content. I wonder what he would make of the new sound signature?

As long as the content is there (from what i have heard, it is) then what not try to have it all?

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He’d love it!

His unique approach to sound systems has gone though another transformation, combining the best of flatland with a new level of energy, bringing undreamed-of audiological delight to a select proportion of musically-entranced Earthlings. :grin:

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That page describes JV as “co-founder and Managing Director of Naim Audio”.

Who co-founded it with him?

Shirley Clarke.


This photo was taken at the factory for Shirley’s retirement;

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