Kate Bush, Record Store Day - Big Dilemma

According to the media Kate Bush is lending her name to Record Store Day, fair enough.

It just happens to coincide with my wishing to add to my Robben Ford vinyl collection, so I’ve gone on the website of my usual independent provider, back ordered, been waiting 6 weeks but Bezos’s gang can deliver them all tomorrow and cheaper.

What to do?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!


You dirty git :joy:


I try and support Juno and Presto, because they are not Bezo’s gang , even if it is pricier .

And yes I do have Amazon Prime


Juno, Band Camp, Disc Cogs, all have content that is just impossible to source on Amazon.


What’s the connection with where you buy Robben Ford albums and Kate Bush/RSD?

As I said it was just the coincidence, the same day it was announced that Kate was backing RSD when I was reviewing my outstanding orders and noticing that I could get them immediately from Amazon.

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