Kef and Monitor Audio with Nova?

Hi All - I am looking at picking up a Nova (to replace my Muso) and have been thinking about speaker pairings and so was wondering if anyone had experience with using the Nova with either the Kef R7 or the Monitor Audio Gold 200 (5G) speakers ? I am after just general comments about how well matched these might be with the Nova, as I am not sure how “unbiased” the opinions from retailers are, given that they will always generally recommend the speakers they themselves sell. So I joined up here to see if I could get some input.

My house and where things live within it is quite an organic thing and constantly changing, so I don’t have a singular space where this kit will go. That being said, its initial home would be an open plan kitchen/lounge/dining area around 9m x 8m. But like I said - just after more general comments about the pairing of the Nova with either the Kef or the MA speakers.

Thanks so much.

:sweat_smile: This. ( because they want to Sell)

Personally i have a Naim UQ2 + MA combo.
Like it. But the speakers where… “inherited” from my Previous system. If i have the money to burn and buy all from the ground up, i would definetely Go ProAc D20r + Naim nova, or PMC twenty5…23

If possible, i recomend make an audition…

Good luck/ good choice and enjoy the process

Thanks Cardoso.

Here in Australia (Melbourne) we have 3 or 4 retailers of Naim equipment, and of course they all have different speaker brands they support (or are “allowed” to support). So it is a real process trying to get clarity on what is worth the investment. Here on the site there seems to be a lot of recommendations for the same handful of speakers - such as the ProAc, Neat, Spendor and others - across various bits of Naim kit.
Anyway, thanks for commenting.

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Dynaudio, Marten, Magnepan, Magico, Naim, Martin Logan, Avalon… Lots of good speakers… go listen and buy the ones you like :slight_smile:
And yes KEF and Monitor sound good too!

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