KEF KW1 wireless subwoofer connection

Hello. I have two KEF KC62 subwoofers and one KW1 transmitter and two receivers (to be connected to the two subwoofers). Question: the attached photo shows the two RCA inputs on the back of the KEF transmitter to be connected to the NAIM. Do I use both red and white outputs on the NAIM when hardwiring to the transmitter inputs or use the supplied Y cord splitter and connect to only one of the NAIM outputs (as when hardwiring just one subwoofer)? Thanks, Greg

I had two Kc62’s connected to my SN3, I used both red and white connector on the amp to each sub, making sure I used the left hand input on the KC62 in both cases if running in dual mono config as opposed to stereo.

Taking the same logic would think both into the transmitter and then its how the receivers distinguish which is left / right sub, else both might receive the stereo signal.

I went back to one sub in the system after a while and put the other in the second system as rooms didn’t demand dual subs really in my case.

Sorry, don’t know if any of that helps as didn’t use the KW1’s as hard wired in my case.

Welcome to the forum btw!

Thank you. All is working properly at the moment.

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