KEF LS50 Meta’s

Are the above ideal for close wall placement with a Listening distance of 9 ft? Away? Thank you

Definitely - that pretty much describes my setup. Mine are only 8-10 inches out from the wall currently are are ok. I do play around with the foam plugs from time-to-time.

But overall they’re good in a near-field listening environment and are pretty flexible in terms of placement.

If you can demo in-home, try them out.


Thank you I will add them to the demo list,
I always like to get feedback from members first

they are very transparent and crisp to my ears; image like crazy and produce a pretty wide soundstage. i’m not a bass-head so no issues with the small cabinet output. only thing i can say is that, like you, i’m only 8-9 ft away given the room setup - i’d like a little more breathing space to see how the open up. i’ve been very happy with them so far - think they’re great VFM


I don’t think you will be disappointed in them. You can pay much more and get much less. The only relative weaknesses of these speakers is that, as virtually all two way designs do, they tend to distort below 120 Hz if played really loud, and the impedance drops to about 3.2 Ohms for significant parts of the upper base. Again probably only a problem is you play really loud and don’t have a really powerful amp. (What will you drive them with btw?). I’ve noticed sometimes people don’t hang on to these speakers for aesthetic reasons – they do tend to attract attention, so you either love it or hate it.


FWIW, I drove my LS50s with a UQ1 for a few months before moving them - played them up to 35-40 on the volume number and had no issues. Yes, they like power to open up but wouldn’t worry too much about it if you’re driving them with some degree of quality power.