Kef lsx

Has anyone had a listen to the wireless offering from Kef (lsx or ls50)
Looks a neat solution for a second system.


When I went to have a listen to some Dutch & Dutch 8Cs (and Kii3s) there were some little KEFs playing in the Kitchen area which turned out to be the LSX. They were great little speakers and I’d have no hesitation using them in a second system.

I use a pair for our TV and some casual listening…great speakers. We usually bring them along on vacations so we can have a little hifi to listen to. Considering replacing them with the new LS50 wireless.

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Yes, I listened to them in store (audition room) and for me the bass, whilst impressive for the speaker size, seemed to echo around the speaker giving a bit of a flabby sound, not as tight as I’d have liked. Lively without sounding harsh. Give them a listen.

I have a pair in my second system that I recently purchase due to down sizing that system. For their cost/size I’m rather impressed. The ability to tweek their sound via an app is rather useful to get them sounding their best in your room, they also have the ability to have different sound profiles saved that you can easily switch between. So in my case I have a subwoofer connected, when listening to music I have the sub dialed right down but while watching movies, have the sub turned up a bit more to add some bottom end punch. I haven’t used the streaming app all that much but from what I have used (just streaming from my NAS drive), it seems to operate fine.

In the second system I previously had Totem sky towers, Nuprime IDA-8 (while it is an excellent amp/dac for the money, the Sky towers do deserve more) & Auralic Aires mini. These were all replaced by the LSX’s & for my use, I don’t miss the old setup at all. The old setup may have been slightly better for music (actually to be honest they both had their strengths), but I think the LSX’s are actually better for movies, they seem to have a bit more “meat” to the sound on male vocals.

Edit: Should add in reply to the above comment about flabby bass, I would say in my room that isn’t the case at all (& I’m critical about flabby sounding bass). I would think the room or settings in the app might be causing the bass issue.

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What did you make of these speakers or is their a thread on here with your impressions?

I’m seriously thinking of trying the Dutch 8C in the new year if Boris and Ursula do the business.


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Here you go…

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That’s how I use mine—with sub, different profiles for TV and music. What color did you end up with?

I went with the gloss white, I did like the look of the olive version but as we have a cat, I thought the fabric sides looked too much like a nice scratching post.

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