Kef r500 or focal 926 Atom

Hi guys just got a atom a few weeks ago currently running a pair of kef q500 looking at upgrading speakers I currently have a set of b&w 702 s2 on loan from my local hi fi shop there good speakers and are a step above what I have but can’t really justify the price tag of 3300 as I only paid 389 for the q500
I’m can get a set of kef r 500 for 899 does anyone own the atom and KEF R500 set up or have any Experience with it as it’s mail order and as there end of line can’t demo anywhere
Also have seen a set of Focal aria 926 at a cost of £1450 that I will demo this week
What are your thoughts
Room size approx 35m2

Hello @Ad212 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I don’t have experience with the Focals or your B&Ws but I owned KEF R500s a couple of years back. They are a great speaker for the price and work well with Naim. I used them with a SN2 with HiCap DR at the time. The KEFs project a wide soundstage and impressive bass due the twin bass/mid drivers, although it can sound overblown at times. I sold them on as I felt there was a lot of detail and resolution I wasn’t hearing.

Hi, I have r500’s and used to drive them from a unitilite and I thought they sounded great. I bought the speakers at same time as the Uniti and listened to a few at that price bracket and for me they were the nicest to my ear and have been very pleased with them. I have upgraded to a 282/250 now and I am struggling to get them sounding “right” now and playing with REW and a mic, placement etc but I fear ultimately they will be upgraded.

I had an Atom, its important to keep the synergy right and not aim too high with speakers, personally I think the Atom is best with a smallish set of stand mounters / bookshelf, it’ll drive larger speakers no problem but it wont be right and it’ll show up the Atom, that was my experience anyway

It’s not a small room — have you considered getting a Star or Nova? And maybe larger speaker when you have financially recovered?

I think Focal aria 926 will fit the best. I waiting to hear your experience with demo, please write it.

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