Kiln sand or Atabites

Is kiln sand ok to fill Atacama stands or do you use the recommended Atabite filler? Thank you

ive got both! i only had enough atabites to fill half way so topped up with sand, it needed a few shakes to settle but solid not, but whatever is cheapest… sand i suspect.

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I recently added fish tank sand (dried!) to my Solid Steel SS6s and I’ve been very happy with the result, though it was a little fiddly - I 3/4 filled each leg.


I filled mine 3/4 with Atabites. Heavy buggers but works extremely well.

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There’s also lead shot! Sand definitely cheapest, but least dense. Atabites are claimed to be getting on for 3x as dense as sand, so 3x the weight for any given filling. Lead shot would depend on the shot size, but for small shot of the order of 1.6x as dense as Atabites.

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With a mass-loaded stand, a heavier fill is usually better, but you don’t want to fill the columns all the way up, otherwise you risk deadening the sound.

Custom Design make their own filler - a gritty, powdery substance - that’s denser than sand, and Atabites are much denser again. A stand partially filled with Atabites is very heavy indeed, giving the sound a firm foundation, but not doing any discernible harm to the PRaT. It costs more than sand, but it’s worth the extra, imo.

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