Kimber Kable Subwoofer cable for REL

As the Kimber Kable cables are braided and their REL subwoofers cables are no exception, my concern is connecting the cables from speakers to the REL Subwoofer will have performance degradation on the Supernait 3?

If these are high level cables connected to the loudspeaker input terminals rather than the amp output they will not harm the amp. Neither will they be of any benefit compared to bellwire in that configuration.

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Thanks Chris, I have connected the REL T9i via speakers terminal by the Kimberkable cable, would there be no benifit having this cable sonically in the setup? hope it does not upset the amplifier due to the braided configuration of the cable.

If it’s connected from the terminals on the speakers then the amp effectively won’t “see” it. For all that, the speaker cable you use to connect to the subwoofer should make little difference, so likely not worth going for anything fancy. At Naim we used basic Chord Leyline, which is nice and discreet.

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As Richard says, as long as you have connected the sub high level cables to the speakers, not the amp, you will be fine with any cable. The braided Kimber will not adversely affect the amp unless connected directly to it. Traditional thinking is that there is no benefit to using fancy cables here, unlike when they are connected to the amp, so you could potentially sell the Kimber if you wanted to and replace it with any regular, cheap alternative.

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