Kirsty MacColl release - See That Girl

An 8 CD release of unreleased and previously released material is just out I read. I love Kirsty’s voice and songwriting and am tempted, although I am pretty sure I have quite a lot of this already. But I thought I would let other KM fans know it’s out. Includes a previously unreleased album “Real”. I see that album has just appeared on Tidal, but the 8 CD collection has not.


I have a couple of her CDs :cd:, she was very good, what an awful way to die

This is one that really deserves wider recognition


I’m wondering about getting this, but I need to look more carefully at its contents, although it may be worth getting everything she did. It looks as if it doesn’t cover everything from her core official discography, so it seems more of a rarities box that supplements the individual albums. It’s not therefore like the R&L Thompson, Bobbie Gentry and Ronnie Lane box sets which are organised around the official releases with added rarities. If this is correct, I need to get more of her essential releases first.

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Further to my earlier post I have checked the box listing and it is certainly weighted towards being a rarities collection. It certainly wouldn’t replace the four albums I have on CD, but I have never bought any of the expanded editions or other past collections. I noticed that on Qobuz that some of the box is there but they have separated out elements Real is there and one of the concerts - the box has a concert from the Jazz Cafe, a Glastonbury set, and a collection of BBC recordings.


Kirsty was a great songwriter and something of an ignored genius. I have all five of her albums and the rather wonderful ‘From Croydon to Cuba’ 3CD anthology. Forgotten songs are often forgotten for a reason, so it will be interesting to see what else is on this release. It would be good to be able to get the extra stuff without re-buying what I have already.

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A warning - reports on the Hoffman forum (and there’s one on Discogs, but there may be an overlap) say that there seem to be problems with the pressing of the new box set, particularly with ripping. Comparisons with the R&L Thompson set, which had to be repressed are being made.

She was an extraordinarily talented songwriter. There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis and In these shoes? both made my cynical teenage daughters helpless with laughter and amazed that it was possible for pop music to be so witty and clever.



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