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What could need water with dirt in it?

I’ve been told in the past that you actually get less heat in the pan if you have the flames around the edge. That you should have them cover as much of the bottom without going over for the maximum heat transfer to the pan. It made sense to me.

But as said, it’s something I’ve been told and so have just done. I haven’t done a 1:1 comparison.

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Very similar, if what I’ve read online is the correct method from HB. Jamie’s method adds crushing the potatoes half way ish through roasting so they break up a bit and you get more crispiness. As well as fluffing them up after boiling. It’s all about the roughness apparently.

If you’re cracking eggs and a piece of eggshell lands in the bowl, if you try to remove it with a metal spoon then the fragment runs away from the spoon and is a complete pig to get out. Instead you should use half of an eggshell - the fragment is attracted to the bigger piece and comes out straight away. This tip genuinely works


The best advice I had about peeling ginger is don’t bother. I use it mostly in Indian food and when finely grated the skin is not noticeable. For years I followed recipes that said it should be peeled, but now I just cut off any blemishes and leave the rest of the skin on.


Again I can only reiterate if a nice fresh juicy fat one.
Many times I have done what you have tipped - even after a good rinse. And, the skin has imparted an old fusty note to the mix. Best avoided.

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I scrape the ginger fully, then chop it into 1 inch chunks, place in a container and freeze it for future use.

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You can get induction hobs that have a hollow for woks and they are used more and more often by Chinese chefs. I have no idea how this works but a friend who lives in Taiwan assures me they are just as good as a gas burner.

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I think the most important thing in a kitchen is to enjoy being in there. When I am enjoying cooking, which is most of the time I find my cooking is better and I am happier with what I cook, even if it is something really simple. The rare times when I find cooking a chore, the dishes never seem to be as good.


Prevent your bread from always falling butter side down by waiting till after its fallen to butter it.


After 65 years on this planet…why did i never think of that :laughing:

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Always keep washing up liquid handy, I keep mine in a press under the sink

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When using a mandoline, don’t invest in any fancy protective gloves or any clever way of using it. Just accept you’re going to lose part of your fingers at some point in your life.


I bought my wife one………it was only used once😬

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I guess it’s not the easiest of instruments to play!


I was impressed by Monica Galetti’s tip for tarte tatin: line small pan with butter, sprinkle with sugar, peel apple that partly cut through in slices then place circle of pastry over apple and bake. Must give it a try.

Freeze root ginger, either as it comes or after peeling. To use it slightly thaw for a few minutes and then grate.

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I do likewise, and store in the freezer. It still grates!

Just saw this :man_facepalming:

An empty cup was enough to crack ours, on the edge.