Klimax DSM2 with NC 250 or Klimax Twin?

Picked up a used Klimax DSM2 to try. Hooked it up last night to my Alluxity Integrated and it sounded nice. Feel as though I might not need the integrated if I have the DSM 2 in the system and thought about running it directly to an amp. Thought first of the Klimax Twin and then thought why not Naim since it now has the Balanced XLR’s. Anyone else tried this with their Linn? I’m running Wilson Duette’s so feel as though the 250 or Twin would be sufficient.

I don’t know the Alluxity amp, so no idea how it would compare with NC250. In principle, that should be a fine combination, but, unless it’s already been done, I’d be inclined to have the Organik upgrade and Utopik power supply fitted first.



I use an Akurate DSM/3 Utopik into NC250 well 4 with Klimax Xovers in between works a treat .

The balanced input NC amps play nicely with the DSM. Roger’s advice regarding the Organik / Utopik upgrade makes a lot of sense. Quite a step up over the Katalyst DAC.

Thanks, it doesn’t have the Organik and Utopik power supply upgrades. Would plan to do so. I connected it to my 500/552 tonight as well and it sounded pretty nice. I wouldn’t say as good as the ND555 but surprisingly delightful. I wasn’t sure about the 250 or a Klimax Twin, both about the same priced used. Leaning towards the 250 NC though.

Firstly, welcome to the Forum and congratulations getting your Linn Klimax DSM.

Secondly, as @PeakMan has suggested, get the Organik and Utopik upgrades done first. That will make a huge improvement, then look at the amp.

Plenty of posts on the Forum about Organik and Utopik upgrades and the improvements that they bring.