Know your mind and end game

Hi all, in about 3 or 4 minds over this and hoping for a consensus of where to go.

I have a 300DR driving PMC Fact 12s. All I do is stream, both online and from a Uniti Core for which I currently use as Nova. I need no more inputs, would rather avoid a wall of boxes and overall am broadly happy with my sound. However, like many I don’t know when to stop!

I would like to stick to Naim, I’ve been a user for over 30 years and, well you know how it is. Ideally I’d stick to a single box streamer / pre but the 272 whilst capable is I feel too old, wrong software and needs replacing. I could use a better 2 box source but this means I also need a pre-amp and I know if I go that route I’d go all the way and want a 552/555 setup and that in one go would be a step too much financially.

So, do I wait in hope for the may never happen or not be “high line” enough 372 or give in and upgrade to a 6 box system, maybe following

  1. Get a 552 and use the Nova until I can afford a 555?
  2. Get a 555 and either a cheaper Pre, or maybe something like a Graham Slee Majestic both as a temp solution, then get the 552 later
  3. Go for a 252/NDX2 and be happy, then probably still want to upgrade again later, meaning more bother and cost but at least its then 1 item at a time
  4. Other Naim mix

Assuming the 372 does not suddenly appear then I guess I know the end game, so this is more the interim mix whilst I get there, which could be a couple of years.

Any suggestions?


Or try a Townsend Allegri passive pre, some use it with 555/500.
Only 3/4 k.

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