Kool fm?

The above station, formerly Kool London, ceased transmission a few months ago having been taken over by Rinse fm.

It is now back, streaming under its new owner under the title Kool fm. However, I can’t find it in VTuner! The former (non active) station is still listed.

There is no contact available for Rinse fm, so I can’t approach them for comment - is there anything that can be done at the Naim end to get this updated channel onto VTuner?

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Thanks, Robert!

Will Stevesky respond here or do I need to contact directly?

If I remember rightly, he lurks here and responds when appropriate.

Oooohhh lovely

Used to crack on Kool London post work on a Friday, great music and a workout for the speakers :smile:

Just checked - it’s on RadioBox on iOS so can cast to NDX2 until it’s added to vTuner…

Thanks Iain, that will keep me going for a while!

@Stevesky is there anything you can do?

Hi all,

I reported this one to VTuner yesterday,

This one has had a bit of chequered history as it closed down for about 6-8weeks and then came back. I’ve given VTuner the new URL for the new Kool stream.



Looks like I’m too late…

Just realised Kool fm are on VTuner - streaming under the existing Kool London id. Confusing, but problem solved - thanks Stevesky, even though I seem to have wasted your time! Forgive?

I noticed my SuperUniti, which had a fav to Kool London, started working!


@swtrains how did you get to it in naim app, I can see it on the vTuner website but can’t get it to come up under Internet Only location or genre in naim app :sob:

Unlike the SuperUniti, I think we removed the favourite from our NDX2 so still having to AirPlay from RadioBox app.

Ignore the above it came up under Electronica after a long delay. naim app issue.

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