Kore plus Karousel Upgrade?

My LP-12 has a tiger paw Javelin tonearm, Krystal Cartridge, all through a Superline/SCDR. Power supply is a Radikal. I have the original chassis with a TP Tranquility. I like to perform upgrades around Christmas time and was hoping to install a Keel but am limited with the Javelin tonearm. Dealer said he could install a Kore instead with the Karousel. Thoughts? I hate to just leave the Javelin just to get a new Chasis but am open to suggestions. Hope everyone is healthy! Things are crazy in the U.S. right now!


I have never heard the TP arm so cannot offer opinion on whether it is worth changing the arm to get a Keel. To my ears Kore does a lot of what Keel does at a fraction of the cost. Kore plus Karousel is a great upgrade.


It would be such a shame to loose a great tonearm in this situation

I believe the javelin uses the same mount as the Aro so there are options out there

But you might have to look at used items to increase your choice

Might be worth searching for good copies of the keel to

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Cymbiosis had a run of Aro Keels. It might be worth a call to check.

I traded a Tranquillity for a Karousel, and it was a good upgrade. If you resell the Tranquillity (they use two Ls over there) ask for full price, since they aren’t making any more. Mine went very quickly for half price.

Cymbiosis have Aro Keel’s which will fit the Javelin. Very expensive. Mober (Edmund Chan) do a sub chassis for the Aro which is (IMHO) as good if not better then the Keel (it’s better made).

I think both the Karousel and Kore would be good upgrades. I had Kore before Keel and think the Kore is tremendous vfm by comparison. The bigger issue here is whether ultimately you want a Keel in the future? Is this your ultimate arm or would you consider an Ekos in the future? You need to have a good chin wag with one of the better Linn dealers I think.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I did reach out to Cymbiosis and Peter wrote back and said that the base fitting of the Javelin is actually not the same as the Aro. In fact, the only upgrade path I would have would be to the Kore or another option called a Tangerine Phoenix. The customer service from Peter was incredible!

I think I will go the path of the Kore as I really do love the Javelin and could see it being on the turntable for quite some time. Plus I get to spend some additional funds on some albums!


I think that is a wise choice and with the Karousel should be a great upgrade. Let us know how it sounds when done.

Very wise to keep the Javelin. Imho.

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