Kroma macbeth speakers

After hearing these standmount speakers at the hifi deluxe show this year. I have decided to try some, and see how they go against my titan kudos 808’s.
Hopefully sometime in July this will happen as been in touch with a dealer, and happy for me to home demo them.

You may ask yourself why?
Well after hearing these, i was completely blown away by what i heard, like everyone was i think.
I know the system they used was very expensive, and i mean very expensive, but these speakers certainly worked well, and so with my system i am hoping for a similar sound.
Probably not going to achieve it, but you never know.
It’s not that i dont like my kudos speaker’s, it’s just that i had never heard a hifi system sound as good as this did, it was just something else completely.
The speakers might not even work well in my room, as the 808’s certainly don’t mind my room, and are certainly much better than others i have tried, and owned.

So once again an interesting demo i hope, as these Spanish speakers aren’t very well know, but seem to be very good.


A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more?


Have only listened to the Leonore. Like the brand very much.

Looks like Purifi drivers.

Hi Dunc, good to see that you are keeping an open mind that there may be better speakers out there. I know you had Fact 12’s for a while, then added Townsend Podiums to them.
Do you also use Podiums with your 808’s?
I am thinking of giving the Podiums a try with my Kharma DB7’s. Are you still a big fan of the Townsend Podiums?

I sold my podiums as they wouldn’t have been able to support the 808’s.
I haven’t got anymore due to the problem with the fixing under the 808’s, as these stop the speaker sitting flush with the podiums, and therefore you need a work arround solution.
Plus after speaking with manufacturer, they said nothing really should be between speaker base and podium for them to work correctly.

Don’t get me wrong the 808’s are great, they probably are designed more to work with naim than what i have now, so open to new stuff, and these really sounded fantastic.
But as said the gear used was absolutely in a different universe let alone league, so that might well be why.

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Which model was it you heard Dunc, and is that the model you want to demo at home?
I see they start at $27 K for the bookshelf, all the way up to $108 K for the Mercedes.:flushed:
Oh I see it is the bookshelf you heard after reading your first post again.

Don’t t look anything special, but don’t let looks fool you


With the stand it’s better looking.

Will you have enough bass from them?

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The macbeth stands are different to them, and cost over £4K, mental price.

As for bass then, when i heard them in the middle off a very large room, and i mean it was big, and they were about 8 metres away from the back wall minimum, probably more.
The bass was not an issue at all.

I was with 3 other mate’s, all into audio, and all 3 off us, was blown away with how it sounded.
You must have read about the Bower room at hifi deluxe show? It got very good reviews, and was easily the best sounding system at the show, and just about all the systems on show we’re very good.

If you can compare it to TAD CE1TX. I heard it is a wonderful stand mount also.

There was apparently Engstroom tubes amps , Wadax and Brinkman turntable.
Hifi Plus wrote it was a very successful room.

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Now, what do you expect for 27K…?

That was the Solstice I fear

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Will have to hunt some down and take a listen if i can.

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£24k before discount in the UK
Then stands extra.
So about the same as the 808’s in total.

Why are they so expensive compared to other speakers with same Puriti drivers? Cabinet materials and time consuming way of producing it?

Ah this might be one part of it.

The housing of all Kroma Atelier is made of Krion, a non-conductive and non-magnetic material that has a very high mass, so that there is little to no resonance from the housing itself. This ensures a very neutral behavior and natural sound.

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They are quite large for a standard mount, and looking shocking value for money until you hear them.

But like i said they might be crap in my room, as the room i heard them in was huge. But only one way to find out, they might be even better in a smaller room, in tye corners. Wishful thinking i know.

It would probably be a good idea to hear these speakers in a more normal room, one that has the boundary walls close before i get the dealer and home demo going.
They might not like that configuration, and it would save everyone the trouble if that’s the case.
As they did have a lovely wide sound stage from that ribbon tweater, but that could cause havoc in my room with reflections

I don’t know the 808s. My post was not about their cost, but a joke with frenchrooster about the ratio: amount of bass/cost.
But perhaps in the world of 5-figure audio humour is not welcome anymore. Sorry.

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