Kudos 242 SNAXO connections

Thanks Naim for making the Supercap to hicap to 242 Snaxo instructions so simple (NOT)
I’m looking at the 362 set up with 3 x300 and thinking it’s the nearest example I’m going to get. For my use of a kudos 606 242 Snaxo with 2 x 300
But I’m really not filled with confidence!! unlike every other connection digram that I’ve come across. The digram shows all of the red banded cables going to the top and all of the green banded cables going to the bottoms :thinking:
Can anybody in the know talk me through this. I’ve got to dig out how to turn the Kudos sod from passive to active… I’m nearly ready to fire the system up I just to to check that the connects are spot on first.

Bit late for replies just now ….

@james_n might be able to help.

Burg, I have made a change to your thread title so members have a better idea what your thread is all about.

Here’s the Kudos connection guide for you;

Follow the instructions for the NAP250 in 606, but with the NAP300 you will have two separate signal leads - one for CH1 (LEFT) and the other for CH2 (RIGHT - Red band) so you should connect using both the top and bottom (A + B) output sockets on the SNAXO.

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That would be 606 not sod :joy:

Oh that’s just made it look more complicated because the 25O set up only shows two leads one from each amp and they’re both going to section A LF & HF easy

Diagrams seem to indicate that directly above the bottom connection the above connection is also as followed
Just can’t afford to get this wrong which is why proper diagram would be nice :flushed:

The signal outputs top and bottom are the same. With the NAP250 you just use the bottom - with a NAP300 or 500 you use both top and bottom.

I agree, you don’t want to get the connections wrong. Did you dealer do the initial installation here? - that’s usually recommended with active systems.

No most of my stuff is second hand.
So let’s say I have amp A and amp B starting with the bottom row A
Amp A
Green band (left channel) to the left and Red Band (right Chanel) to the right
Top row B
Amp B
Green band (left channel) to the left and red band (right
Is that wrong :thinking:

Really appreciate the help :flushed:

No, that doesn’t sound right. The first set of outputs, top and bottom are for your LF and should go to one of the 300s, the second set of outputs, top and bottom, are for your HF and should go the second of your 300s.

If in doubt set up the low frequency connections only. When you switch on and play something, if it’s wrong it will just sound weird.
If you set up the high frequency wrong it will also sound weird, but not in a good way as you will destroy the HF drivers if you put the LF signal into them. Starting with LF connections only avoids this.


Got it thank you very much :ok_hand:

So let’s see if I’ve got this right now
if I put green tab I.e left channel from one 300 into left section of A and the red tab and the right channel directly above it from the same amp we are cooking with Gas then repeat the same thing for the second amp :thinking:

I would underline this but delete the starting words “if in doubt” - start with the lower frequencies only whether or not you are in doubt. I had two people set up active SL2s (with 300s - non dr first time and dr second time) in my living room and the really experienced one (dealer) connected lower first and then turned on. Neither made any mistakes as it happens but way safer to reduce risk of mistakes to a minimum!


Thanks for the help guys I’ve got it now what damage that could be caused by getting it wrong was a bit of stress :roll_eyes:

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I just want to check something when you try the base connection first do you leave the HF amp completely disconnected from the 242 SNAXO

Just disconnect the speaker cable from the back of the amp.

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