Kudos 808 issue

Hi all,
It seems one of my Kudos 808 speakers has developed a fault. I’m running these active with naim equipment. Was listening to the system last night at reasonable levels when I notice the change in sound. After some quick investigation I found no sound from one of the tweeters. I’ve done the usual and swapped the amp feed from left to right to rule out the power amp but no change. So I think a tweeter has given up. Anyone else experience issues with the titan range or am I missing something? Any suggestions welcome :pray:

Maybe @Blythe can help. He runs 808 active.

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Maybe remove the active bits and just run one amp passive, and see if it’s the same

Have you tried swapping the cables at the speaker end? I had an issue with my 808s from the SL cable not connecting properly. Not saying that that is it, but wondering if it might be cable? Otherwise I am sure kudos will help

I also run 808’s active but have never had such an issue.
If swapping the cables at the speaker ends solves it, the tweeter is fine BUT, be very careful as, if there is a x-over issue which has caused a blown tweeter, you run the risk of blowing the tweeter in the other loudspeaker.
I’d speak to my dealer before potentially doing too much to prevent any damage.

EDIT: I meant the x-over or anything else downstream with an issue which may cause damage.


I haven’t tried to much yet, but I did swap the speak cable from left to right on the treble input which is driven by a 300dr no change, sound was still present on the left speaker still no treble on the right hand speaker. I think it is probably a tweeter failure. I will give kudos a call tomorrow to see what they suggest.

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If you own a basic electrical meter it’s probably capable of measuring ohms. Stick the probes across the speaker +/- and should get a reading between 6-8 ohms. If it’s 0 or something wildly high then it’s probably dead.

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