Kudos KS1 v DIY Mogami w3104 speaker cable (kudos speaker owners might want to take a look)

So eventually got to installing the Mogami cable following an extended listening period to reacquaint myself with both NacA5 & WH Phantom. I must say early impressions are impressive.

I found a very slight loss in leading edge drive compared to NACA5, but greater texture, more nuanced tones, a richer soundstage and a bit more rhythmic bounce.

Hey guys, here I can only buy Mogami w3103 same wire as w3104, but non-biwire. Will the sound quality be the same, or I should hunt for w3104, considering my speakers are single-wire?

IIRC the conversations with John it was the 2972 with the combination R&Y+ and B&O- that gave the best sound but specifically for Shahinian speakers. I believe this came from Richard Shahinian, as did the pomona plugs. I also seem to recall John mentioning that mechanical was preferred over solder from a conversation with Julian Verekar some years ago, yet today Naim recommend solder joints with Sa8 plugs. You pays yer money and takes yer choice as they say…

That’s correct, RS insisted that solder on speaker plugs should be avoided at all costs. The Pomona plugs he recommended just have a basic screw-down connection.

So far so good, bigger sound stage, more texture, powerful bass. Await burn-in for additional refinement. Any view on how long to settle down?

Mine took ages before i felt that’s it.
Few hours played most nights, and more at weekends. But still i would say over 2 months.

That’s useful. Its already better than I could imagine, enough to put the NacA5 and WH Phantoms up for sale…if there’s more to come (only a few hours so far) then ill be well chuffed with the outcome.

And whatever you do, do not forget the Uhoh as well, the perfect combination with Ohno! :grinning: