Kudos Titan 707 v Naim SL2

@Michaelb Interesting.

@TimOopNorth I’m guessing 707s would work Ok with a passive 500. It’s a great amp.

Hi RackKit, you need to hear them in your room. I know of one person who gave up on them due to excessive bass response, and I can’t say that the ‘hard against the wall philosophy’ applies from what I’ve heard. ATB Peter

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As PeterR says you need to get a pair in your room to see if they work there. The buyers’ (or non-buyers’? Potential buyers’?) views for the 707s seem very varied indeed. The 808s are supposed to be the least fussy re placement in a room. I liked the extra bass the 707s had over the 606s but that was in acoustica’s dem room so may have been different in my room or yours

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Very funny Rackkit. Yes, of course, I will do a report and send you it by fax :grin:
But seriously there must be a reason why 3 or 4 different persons preferred the 606 vs 707.

Room size, system, personal taste maybe ?


For example Anon said that:


Mar '19

I prefer the 606 to the 707. The 606 sound better balanced across the frequency range. Have you done this comparison as well?

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Or Antz:


Mar '19

Having heard the new Titan range from 505 to 808, I think there are 3 sweet spots = 505, 606 and 808

I was not that engauged by the 707, much prefered the 606 in sound - the 808’s are the finest speaker I have heard period - and when matched with NAIM electronics they just come alive - and Kudos are easy to drive

my choice is the T505 as I have limited lisening space

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707s are the only ones I haven’t heard - I’ve had extensive listening time with 505/606/808 - all share a similar character, but get better the further up the range. I’d be surprised if the 707s aren’t “better”, but it all depends on the room/system. More is not always better in this game :slight_smile:

Anecdotal evidence is a dangerous thing.

And yes, 3 or 4 responses is anecdotal.

I have heard the 606 and 707 a few times at shows and dealers in both passive and active guise. Each time I preferred the 707s, but that doesn’t mean they are always the better speaker in all situations, in all systems, and preferred by all who hear them.


Huh! So they say……


I’ve heard the 606 707 and now 808’s. The 808’s are the only ones that I’d change SL2’s to and indeed did. Although the SL2 strengths are very appealing the 808’s are just more consistently excellent album to album with a much more open, fuller and textured sound but still fast enough.

Wow that’s some endorsement for the SL2s it took a 25K speaker to move them on my SL2s are going nowhere :grin:


4 among 10 is not so anecdotal……

It would be perfectly possible for 100% of listeners at various events and even in their homes to prefer the 707s over the 606s and the person who matters (the next one to buy speakers) could still disagree in their own room. Speakers seem to me to be the most personal choice anyone can make and the room they go in is a major factor


Very true , been using Naim in since 1983 in the same house/room the worst speakers I have heard in my room were SBLs they just did not work in fact the dealer tried two different pairs with the same results.

He then suggested Heybrook Sextets and brought a pair out on demo they stayed for 17 years both the Sextets and SBL speakers were designed to work back against a wall one worked the other didn’t strange?


But there has been more than 10 people who have heard (and indeed own) the 606s and 707s.

I worked in Market Research (Customer Satisfaction) for 12 years and I would like to introduce you to the concepts of ‘representative samples’, ‘random selection’ and ‘statistical significance’.

You are talking about tiny samples that have not been randomly selected, so your ‘survey’ fails on all three counts. Sorry.

At very best, this forum is a repository of anecdotal evidence, and should never be used to assess general customer preference.


And even then general customer preference doesn’t mean I will like it

Slightly off topic: Does anyone recall which model 606 or 707 running active that Kudos demonstrated at the Bristol show 2020, fronted by supernait/250/snaxo/hicap combo? Sounded sublime. Though 20a are probably my limit on £rrp.

I think room size plays a key role in people’s decision as I would have thought the 505 and 606 would be the sweet spot in the range as they would typically suit the average UK living room. My SBL’s at the time could not fill the space of a 6.5 x 5 meter room or had to be played very loud. Both the 707’s and 808’s fill the room effortlessly with the ability to play at a much lower volume and still provide a immersive sound.

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I think it was the 606, but not 100% sure.