Kudos Titan 707 why so boxy sound

oh go on then Dave as you asked so nicely :grinning:

I was very impressed with mine from the very first day that I installed them. At a Hi-Fi event I was told by Mr Kudos that my Titan 606’s wouldn’t sound their best until they had approx 350-400hrs on them. Maybe the 707’s are just too much for your room. Can you try pair of 606’s to compare?

I had/ have a pair of nbl’s which have an isobarik design and I struggled in my room to get satisfactory bass unless the volume was higher than I wanted. It seems a bit strange though that you would also have similar problems with treble and I’d definitely suggest inviting your dealer round to help resolve set up with you. There was an interesting thread on the just shut down forum about rooms and speakers - I didn’t manage to read it and am on the lookout for whenever the archive is made available!


Probably just as irrelevant as my last posting, just before Christmas I listened to various bits and bobs through a pair of 808’s in a dealer’s room and I was mightily impressed at the overall presentation across the musical range. Hence I imagine with their similarities to the 707’s that set up may be your problem.


Moved them very close to the wall. 30 cm (one foot).
This really did the trick. Bass is very good indeed.
But the whole soundstage improved too.
They sound very big really.
Isobariks explains it mayby.
Final adjustments now. Toe in or out.
To get the treble right.

All of a sudden they changed from dissapointing speakers to the best ive heard in my room.



I wonder what they will sound like with no wall - just glass behind them…
Will all the glass Couple With the sound?

northpole, the NBL’s are not an Isobarik design.
In my own room, the bass from my own NBL’s is strong when there is bass in the recording. Sometimes very strong, to the point some people have asked what Sub-woofer I’m using.

I would imagine they will sound brighter as the glass will reflect the treble more. Having curtains behind would certainly help dampen the sound :slight_smile:

This is how I had the 707’splaced when I had them at my house.

the left corner doesn’t create bass distortion ? just curious

No, not at all, there is enough distance between the radiator and speaker to avoid any distortion.

i like very much the look of these speakers . The base seems to be very well done, not like the common spikes.

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Nice Polarbear!
Close to the wall.
They need a good deal of toe-in.
Now they are terrific!
Even old Stones sounds terrific.
And my ecm records 2
Thank u


Toe in is very personal, I don’t like loads but then I do sit a long way away and prefer a bigger soundstage.

It just goes to show how important set up is, I am glad you are much happier with them now.


I have titans (808’s although a similar sound signature) and have gone through the learning curve of experiencing how critical speaker placement is. Mine are 40cm from the front wall and a different distance from the sidewall, with slight toe in. The speakers are magic. If I move them 10cm closer to the wall, they become “less than magic”, with noticeable changes to soundstage, midrange and tightness of bass etc. If your room can accommodate, room treatment can also bring further serious benefits to the sound in your room. I was always sceptical but now the complete opposite.

Thx all of you.
My listening room looks a bit like polarbears.
Moved them a bit more far from wall.
Sounds promising so far.
These Kudos sounds different from other speakers i have tried.
Really involving!
Treble is very nice. Not bright at all.
And they do the «prat» very very well really.
Very fast involving sound with insight.

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Glad we have been able to help you. Please keep playing and enjoying. Mine seriously improved over the first six months so please keep us informed as to how you are getting on with them.

Hi Tom, is that 10 cm from the rear wall or side wall?

Hi polar bear. I meant 10cm closer to the front wall negatively impacts the sound, particularly around the mid range. It seems this extra breathing space balances the sound well, having played around countless evenings with adjusting speaker positioning. The speakers sit approx 50cm from the side walls.