Kudos Titan 808 - long time experience and satisfaction

I am quite new in this forum, as i don’t have any Naim gear actually. I had 3 different Naim CD player in the past, some NACA5, but nothing more. Sorry :wink:

I am a great fan of older John Farlowe Exposure gear from the 90ies, have nearly all of them once or twice in my second system…
…and looking for a good matching speaker for it, maybe Neat Ultimate, ProAc, but first of all Kudos Titan 808.
In the last 2-3 weeks I have read nearly all threads on them and counted astonishing 29 (!) owners of them just in this forum, additional still 6 owners of the Titan 88.

Some of you have the Titan 808 since the very early days, so maybe for 6-7 years.
How is your long time experience and even long time satisfaction with them? Any wishes that could be better?
Any other speakers you are dreaming about??

And are there any members who have separated from them and sold them? Why and for which other speaker?
Thanks a lot for any informations, kind regards

I have mine since 03/2020 and I‘m happy that I decided to replace my NBLs with the 808. I‘m a fan of active driven speakers and I don‘t know any alternative speakers. I‘m still happy with them and there is nothing what I miss. To be honest I have not heard any speakers which sound better. I listened to the new Linn 360 speakers and went home happy that I have my 808.
The 808 improves over the first month and when ever you add an upgrade in your system you hear it. This are neutral speakers which brings you a smile when ever you listen to them. I hope Kudos launch an active crossover for Naim, so that Naim customers have an option to activate their 808.


I have never owned 808s, but I’ve been able to listen to them at length on a number of occasions, and I’ve always been impressed by them.
Last year I heard them driven by a Naim New Classic system, run active using Exposure crossovers. Other rooms in the same demo included similar systems using Kef and Dynaudio speakers. Of the three systems, the 808s were relatively rather polite and laid back, especially compared to the Dynaudios. Depending on your preferences, you might find the Dynaudios more exciting and closer to a live experience, or you might find them too fatiguing and the 808s easier to live with for regular and extended listening.

Make of that what you will. The experience bought home to me that at this level, there are many different systems and speakers around, and that personal preference plays a big part in finding the right setup for your own enjoyment. Titans have been forum favourites for a while now, and while they would be high on my shortlist, they are certainly not the only option at that level of performance.


Previous T88 Titan owner here, which sound very similar to the updated 808 Titan. I moved on to ProAc K6 Signatures. The difference between the two speakers is substantial and frankly the Kudos speakers are anemic by comparison. If you are in the market for speakers in this price range consider demoing the ProAc’s. Let us know what you think…


It is interesting that you, Chris and Chris, both mentions the adjectives „polite, laid back and anemic“, something that was until now not so eyeopening during reading through the threads here.
Unfortunately I have no real experiences with ProAc, but know a few people recommended them in highest way.
I know different professional main monitors with excellent 75mm=2,5“ dome middle and hard suspended bass (my own PMC BB5se, K+H O500C, but other ATC monitors, too), and yes, they sound different and I like their dynamic and immediate presence.

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While the mid-range dome looks similar to ATC, it is not the same driver unit. The K6 Signature was one of Stewart’s last designs and he actually built my pair. I’d describe the sound as uncompressed, lush & detailed with huge bass notes. Granted I’m using a 500 system to run them, but I’ve read they are tube friendly as well.

I make it a point to hear every high-end speaker I can and few if any come close. I did hear Magico’s with a 500 system a few months back and I heard lot’s of potential.

Are you serious ? You really think that few , if any speakers, come close to the Proac K6 ?

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I would consider Naim DBL´s.I found this comment from Charlie.


Been an 808 owner since December 21 and I run the active Exakt. They are sublime and also quite forgiving of room placement, more so than almost all other speakers I have tried. I did audition Pro-Ac but they can’t be run active and require more careful placement and more space than the 808s. The dealer experience was also less than desirable and that sealed the Pro-Acs fate.
I believe there is an announcement and product launch by Kudos next week at Bristol, so I would keep my eyes peeled for something that might add to the experience for Naim and other users.

Agreed. Other than my K6 Signatures, DBL’s are (were) one of the best. Shame they are out of production.


Active crossover I believe… though I won’t be buying one. Almost a bit sad about that - would have been interesting to try the 808s active but the 350 six pack would need a third M6 block I think!

I haven’t listened to ProAcs but would not want something that needs to have more space than the 808s - which sound excellent to my ears. I have never been disappointed with them in my 3 and a bit years’ ownership


The 808’s certainly are an easy speaker to place, and much better than my fact 12’s in that respect.
Also they sound great.


Any user of the 808, who have owned Neat Ultimatum in the past and heard them long time in the same room?
Or any other direct comparisons between bigger Neat Ultimatum and Kudos Titan range?

Sometimes the right word hits the nail on the head. 'Anaemic ’ was exactly how I found the 606’s during a home demo. Fine with simple music but when the ante was upped they lacked bass and simply refused to rock.

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And which speaker „rocked“ more for you?

In my room, the B&W803D3 was a much more suitable match. Partnered now with a McIntosh 300 watt amp. The source remains Naim.

A while back a friend was looking to replace his Quads. I’d managed to ween him off Quad amps and he eventually ended up with a 552/500 system. We found out that Tom Tom audio had a pair of 606’s and a pair of Ovator 600’s and thought this would be a good starting point, so we booked a listen. The session lasted around two hours and we were both had exactly the same comments. The 606’s sounded nice but that was about it. We didn’t think they did anything particularly well. By contrast the Ovator 600’s just rocked the house. They were richer, deeper and quite simple more real. Instruments sounded like instruments. He walked away with the 600’s and was so impressed with what they did he made it his ambition to track down some 800’s. Exactly one year later a nice pair of pre-loved 800’s were sitting in his lounge! He loves them so much he’s told is wife not to buy a cask when he dies! We all hear things differently.


The ovator 600, and 800 just need lot’s off space around them to have any hope off working well. If you can give it this then you have a good chance.
The titan kudos range on the other hand are miles more forgiving in this regard, and why they just work so well in most uk homes.
I had the 600’s active in my lounge, speakers certainly not in an optimal position, and the outcome was poor, very poor in fact.

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Indeed! I have never liked B&W 803 or 802 in any room I have heard them (a fried takes it a bit too personally :grimacing:). I have to confess to not having heard Titan 606s very much, but have enjoyed 505s and 808s (and 707s active were great too the one time I heard them) my ears prefer Kudos.

Other rooms - other ears … my 606 rock so much :grinning: