Kudos Titan 808 - Wood smooth or textured?

Yes……if they look like plastic……but it is supposedly a real wood veneer? A bit of a hobby horse of mine……prefer the old speaker finishes.

I, too, prefer real wood (veneer) - and definitely not a fan of black or white speakers. I dislike the very concept of vinyl foil wood imitations on furniture, and usually when you look close it’s very obvious that it’s not real, though I have to say imitations have got better over the years. My IMF Formica comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, though certainly it would probably have been much more noticeable if they’d been a light colour - but the sound was so good it didn’t matter (apparently Formica laminate on both internal and external panel surfaces was beneficial to deadening of the panel).

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The wood finish in the first picture looks like cheap plastic although it may be real wood veneer. The cabinet in the second picture with the grainy texture looks more like real wood and this quality looks better than the first one to me. My Graham LS5/9 has this textured finish with the fine grain.

Some speakers have a high gloss finish on real wood veneer where the wood grain is not visible. If done nicely, it can look very elegant just like Marten speakers. Harbeth speakers also have a clear lacquer on top of the wood which gives the cabinet a smooth finish without any grain but the finish looks cheaper and less elegant than the Marten high gloss finish.

Looking at Kudos speakers, it’s more to matte rather than high gloss.

Indeed. That is what concerned me at first because the first picture wood treatment looked to be somewhat “cheap” looking (sorry for those sound-matter-only-folk).

If it is being treated with high gloss like the Dynaudio style, I think it will look much nicer.

My 808s are Oak and definitely wood/textured in appearance.

So are mine :blush:

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