Kudos Titan T505s - thoughts?

Anyone running Kudos Titan T505s? Thoughts? I have NDS/555PS/252/NAP300. I like the idea of them being isobaric but am wary of what some call a “lean” tonality.

Try a pair of ProAc’s in your budget. A superior speaker in my experience.


I found them to be lean sounding in my system. I didn’t get along with the sound. Detailed yes, very much so. Very tight bass with good extension. It sounded closed in to me. I much preferred the Harbeth 30.2XDs. The midrange was levels above with a far more open sound.

Tested on Sw1x DAC 3 balanced, 552 DR, NAP 135s.


One person’s ‘lean’ is another’s ‘musical’ or ‘tight’. Best listen with your ears - ideally in your room with your kit. Anything else is like asking random people whether bananas are tasty - or Marmite…


@GraemeH went from Proac tonality to Kudos tonality. He can help here.

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Stunning speaker, neutral, musical, room friendly, will work with everything Naim from Nova to 500 systems.


Room interaction is key ime. My Tablette 10 Sig. to 505 is not really a fair comparison. I needed a standmount that would work close to a solid wall behind them, and hold their own in the context of my system.

The Proac’s sounded like toys by comparison. Nice toys, but toys none the less.

Lean is the very last word I would use for the full, melodic, fast and musical sound I get…in my room.



As a recent purchaser of a 505 mated with a NAP 30DR (see profile for full system if you want more detail) I can confidently say that in my room the 505 are not bright at all. Coming from a pair of Sonus Fabers I too was worried that the Titans would be too lean and bright but they are perfectly balanced to my ears with a delightfully musical presentation. Possibly the most cohesive sound I have ever heard.

They are honest about what’s upstream and won’t massage the sound. Garbage in, garbage out, etc, etc. Having said that they certainly communicate the soul of the music played. For example, last night I listened to a CD-rip of Alive Again by Nightingale, an album that I always felt sounded rather digital sounding and a tad harsh at times. Through the Kudos it communicated those aspects but still produced a punchy, dynamic sound that was very fun to listen to which confirmed it as the best I’d ever heard that album played back.

As stated by others, I highly advise a home demo to see if they work for you but count me as a firm lover of the 505s.


I can relate to that.

I also have a pair of Tablet 10 Sig that I use for my office system. When I tried the Proac in my main system against the 606s, “toys” were exactly how they sounded like.

Not exactly a fair comparison though given the huge price difference between the speakers.


I love my T505’s - in fact I think the titan range is pretty much one of the best ranges in HIFI at the price points, I moved from B&W 805’s which are also not at all poor in music

I only have a small music room, I run my T505 through 252/300DR, in saying that Kudos does not need to be overpowered at alll, my sources are Very high spec LP12 and NDX2 as second source in my bio

I also find the Kudos voicing works with my chosen or prefffered musical choices which are wide

as ever with speakers a home demo is a must if you can, but for me the T505’s are some of the best stand speakers on the market - if you can get the Kudos speaker stands with them and wieght them correctly and then just sit back and let the music flow


Reading a the HIfi+ reviews of the Kudos 707 and this months 808.

The reviewer seems to think the 707 soundstage puts the listener 5-10 rows back, however the 808 is front row - Centre.

What’s the 505 (or even 606 for that matter) ?

More 707 or 808 soundstage ?

My preference is the PMC Fact 12 Sig. soundstage, vocals that are very intimate and “in room”.

@Polarbear might like to comment as he had the 707s on home demo before he went 808s.

As a 505 user I would say front row centre, but that’s my room.


505’s are not lean if used correctly and with the right kit.

Presentation wise they are akin to the 808’s just a smaller presentation. Musically wise they are one of the best speakers I have heard.

The 707’s are not a smaller 808, they have a different presentation, the analogy of being 10 -15 rows back is correct.


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