Kudos Titan T88 with Olive Naim

I started this threat the day prior to the forum changeover. Wanted any other Titan owners to chime in.
Have all olive cds2, 01, 52, 135s on Fraim in very large room. Currently use Focal 1038 be`s. Overall I enjoy my system and it really fills the room. Sometimes a bit harsh on certain recordings, perhaps related to the Focal beryllium tweeter?
I plan on home trial of the Titans shortly
Anyone who has sampled the Titans care to share their opinion.

Hi David, I have T606’s but am very familiar with the 88’s. They were, and still are, tremendous speakers and, given your room dimensions, should sound wonderful. I think they’re a significant upgrade on what you currently have and should work really well with your 52/135’s, although I’ve only heard them in 300 and 500-based systems.

how do you like your 606s?

Absolutely love them.

After demo’ing speakers during the previous couple of years, I had narrowed my selection down to either the 707’s or 606’s and, at the last demo using 552/300DR, these just did it for me. I had Kudos S20’s before and the 606’s went in pretty much at the same spot and had stayed there since I got them last Feb, but after some experimentation this last weekend - now that the 500DR has fully burned in - I found that a few inches further apart rendered spectacular results. Truly special speakers, highly recommended.

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glad to hear - I have never heard any Kudos speakers- they are a rare brand here in the USA
My room is so large that I need really big speakers - hoping that the T88s work

David, the T88s will sound great with your electronics. While not a strict boundary loaded speaker, they like to be closer to the back wall. Let us know how the demo goes.

thanks, Chris
You use the T88s yes?
My room in 30 by 20 ft with peak ceiling to 16ft. I run my current Focal`s the long way and they are approx. 5 ft out into the room which works well for them, avoiding a bass node where I sit (approx. 8-9 ft from the speakers). I hope to put the Titans in approx. the same position, about 8 ft between speakers. Look forward to the demo- will he happening soon.

Hi Dave, very interested to hear about your Titan 606’s. I have had a demo of these and PMC Fact 8 at my dealer (Signals in Trimley…who have been fantastic). They are bringing both 606 and Facts for a home demo tomorrow. I am using CDS3/XPSDR/282/HCDR/250DR. I found the Fact 8’s very fast detailed and open, albeit a little bass thin in the listening room and the 606’s almost as detailed and open but with much more weight than the Facts. Should be an interesting session. Reall excited about it. I currently run PMC 20/24’s in a room 6M by 4M. Would appreciate any views/comments. Thanks

I didn’t compare them back to back but I did like them both (Fact 8 and 606) but was more focused on Fact 12’s as a possible contender. But the Titans just beguiled me. And I’m loving the isobaric bass…

I suspect you’ll enjoy them both but you may well be swayed by the familiarity of the PMC’s signature, as that’s what you’re used to. It should be an interesting session and you may need more than a day to decide. Have fun!

David… yes I own a pair of T88s. Very happy with them, they only get better as I improve my source. Super Lumina speaker cables works very well with them. Every room is different… I would experiment with placement.


Hi Dave, many thanks for your reply. After listening at Signals I preferred the Titan 606’s overall, but at home the Fact 8’s were better in my room by quite a margin, which just illustrates the importance of home listening when choosing speakers. They just suited the room acoustics much better and sounded absolutely superb. I also added a Naim HiLine between CDS3 and 282 for good measure. Many thanks to Andy from Signals for all his hard work unpacking boxes etc.

What a spectacular room, Chris
I really like the t88 looks (at least in the pics). Still have not seen them in person. The Tineo work looks very classy
Look forward to the demo

@ChrisBell You should post that picture in the system pictures with a view thread :grinning:

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I have some T88s and they sound beguiling. Something like a saxophone sounds more realistic than any other speaker which I’ve used They do seem to work well relatively close to a rear wall and mine are only 45cm away from a back wall with no bass ‘bloom’. I’ve needed to place other speakers further out into the room to avoid room resonances. I’m assuming it’s because the isobaric drivers are ‘tighter’ in their control of bass. I’d certainly recommend them for a listen if you have an opportunity.

I have managed however to lose the instructions which came with the T88s and I wonder if another member who has them might be prepared to post a picture (or two) of the few pages which came with the speakers (assuming that this is allowable on the forum). To be fair, I don’t ‘need instructions’ as installation is easy but it’s a ‘posterity’ thing and nice to have everything complete. Apologies moderator if it isn’t okay to ask for a picture (and if not please remove this second paragraph).

whsturm, what is the rest of your system?
Size of your room? ?pics
I am still waiting for my home dem. Hope by next week
Would like to see instructions myself

My room size is approx 12ft by 23ft and I ‘fire’ the speakers down the long length (with a solid wall behind them and towards a large window) with seating clustered at the ‘window end’. Speakers are approx 7ft apart (to keep them away from the corners) with a little toe-in. I find that a little toe-in solidifies vocals etc. The system is 252/300 (DR) with a variety of input sources (non Naim). The speakers have a lovely balance between treble, mid-range and bass making voices very natural sounding. It’s the closest I’ve got so far to a live auditorium sound. In my room the only thing which ‘robbed their sound’ was being too close to the rear wall (30cm in my case) although I’ve seen other posts suggesting that they do work at that distance. Hence worth playing with the distance from your rear wall - even a few cms makes a difference in my room (surprising given that there are no rear facing ports).

I also have the speaker cables plugged into the top box with the supplied Chord connection cables (directional) connecting up to the bottom box. This is the configuration suggested by my dealer.

few other questions:

  • how difficult to assemble by yourself ? I have read they weigh 66kg- right?
    -what was final retail price (I`m in USA) before the 808s came out? Just curious
    -I will be using them with 135s/52 in a 30 X20 room. thoughts?

Easy to assemble as each t88 is split into two parts (so roughly 30kg per box). Hence you place the bass unit where you want it and then put the other part on top (note that the speakers are marked ‘left’ or ‘right’ - I think this is to do with the wood finish matching between the top/bottom parts rather than anything else). You then connect up the chord cables supplied (top to bottom box) and plug in your speaker cables. Retail was £13,500 I think (more for special finishes). Not sure if there was a discount for the last few pairs (once T808 released).

I would have thought the speakers easily capable of filling your larger room and the mono-blocks should easily drive them. I guess you’ll enjoy them but only the demo will tell…

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