Kudos X2 VS Harbeth P3ESR

In the mood to change speakers I’d like to get rid of the stands.
Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Kudos X2 with the Harbeth P3ESR?
I currently use a NAP250 / HC / 62 but I would also have a newly serviced nait 2 CB as a spare.
Given the price cut of the Kudos X2 I would have thought of selling the P3ESR ​​and with the profit replace the nagaoka mp110 mounted on the technics 1600 mk2 or better still think of an LP12.

I’m happy with the P3ESRs and the KUDOS X2 would be enough to sound similar, I don’t need a real upgrade but I don’t want to downgrade, A side step can be enought

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Not familiar with the kudos, but I am familiar with Harbeth, although M 30.1. If you are happy with your speakers, I wouldn’t change them. While it might be an economic stretch, I’d be more inclined to make a change to your tt. If not an lp-12, a mid-level rega would probably be an up-grade. With a good dealer ,could probably demo several tt combinations even to comparing your technics to other ones.

the P3ESR are not easy speakers to drive, and I suspect the Nait 2 will struggle a bit. I have been using the Nait 2 with the Kudos 606, and quite like what I am hearing, and the combination probably also work for the smaller X2.

Harbeth P3ESR speakers do like a bit of power and sound good on a NAP140 or NAP250. They are also pretty good on a NAC42/HiCap/NAP110 and a Nait2.

In theory, I still have a Nait2 and P3ESRs, but they are on more or less permanent loan to my niece, who has also added a Rega P3 as a source besides her Sonos system. The combination sounds great at sensible volumes in her flat and I suspect I will never have the Nait2 or P3ESRs back again.


I have a pair of P3ESRs. Love them thoroughly. They live on a Unitilite system but have been used on a SN3/ND5XS2 system also. They certainly don’t disappoint. I don’t know the X2 so can’t comment on that.

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Lucky niece – I hope you got the Nait serviced before the de-facto transfer of ownership. LOL.

Is this? :sweat_smile:


Nice backdrop, where’s that?

I don’t know, it’s from Google image

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Her Rega deck has different colours, but essentially that is what she has.

If I recall correctly, that image is from Flickr and the owner is a member here. Search for Flickr, Nait and Rega on Google, or just Nait and Rega on Flickr, and you will soon find out more about the system and the rather nice room(s) where it has lived.

I ran the Harbeth with a Naim Nait 5italic and am
currently running a Nait 5 w/flatcap with the Kudos. Naim and harbeth sound great, don’t get me wrong, but those kudos sound incredible… you won’t be disappointed trying the kudos…

yes I know, in the end I got the Kudos and I sold the Harbeth with no big regrets. maybe they will be less correct but I find the Kudos much more fun and engaging

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