Kudos X3 / Neat Motive SX2 / Dynaudio Focus 160

Hi all,

I see there are a few threads on the mentioned speakers, I even own the Dyns myself. But I can’t see any discussions where the three are the matter. My hope is that someone has heard all three and can make some kind of comparison.

I own the Dyns, and I am currently looking for floorstanders. I read good things about the X3 and the SX2 with Naim gear.

They will be hooked up to 82/ Hicap/ 200/ NacA5. (Linn Majik DS/ Project 1Xpression w/ 2M Black/ Stageline w/ Flatcap

What is your take on the three pairs? Pros/ cons/ differences.



Erm… I own Kudos X3’s… :slightly_smiling_face:

Powered by an 82/250.

Not Going Back.


Nice! Room size?

Kudos X3s here powered by a Supernait 3
I’m in no hurry to change mine.
Love em. :heart_eyes:


Very roughly… 5 m by 4 m. Speakers are on the longer side.

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In any need of sub?

Err, no… Not for me.

YMMV… :crazy_face:

No sub here nothing like required.
If you need a sub in Stereo you’ve got the wrong speakers.
Stereo with a sub is 2.1 AV. :scream: :+1:t2:

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The SX2 and X3 have a lot in common, unsurprisingly perhaps as the main man at Kudos started out at Neat, and the designs are very similar. The SX2 is the same size as the smaller Kudos X2 though, and you may find that if you want more low frequency performance it will benefit from a sub. Whether that gives you more than you could get from adding a sub to your Dynaudios is another matter. The SX2 (and X2) are really small floorstanders with 5” mid/bass drivers so don’t expect too much bass extension.

I’ve had Focus 140 and they were far more laid back than Neat and Kudos.
In fact they weren’t really to my likings as they needed at least a Nap 250 and placement away from walls.
They were never really involving.
TBH they were coherent with a natural sound though.

Buttomline, its a matter of taste, I’d choose Neat/Kudos - I’ve had Motive2 and X2, now with Motive 1 upstairs.
You need to listen yourself.

BTW, I’ve seen a few Momentum floor standers (now discontinued isobaric loaded) at tempting prices.

Hi Chris,

It is not that I want more bass, the Dyns are pretty capable. It is more that I want floorstanders after many years with standmounts, and probably I want to explore what’s outside the Dynaudio sphere. Allthough I like them alot. I think the X3 would be preferred.

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Hi Thomas
I only raised the issue of bass because you mentioned a sub. A well integrated sub can greatly enhance the listener experience of any speaker, even larger floorstanders. I did find that using one when I had Kudos X2s very beneficial. They are the same size as SX2s.
I wouldn’t assume that either of the speakers you are considering would be an improvement on your Dynaudios. They will be different, and you may prefer them, and they may or may not be a better match for your room. The only way to find out is to try them.

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Agreed. It is allways the risk of «just being different». Bur different can be good.

And yes, a well integrated sub can definetely improve even bigger floorstanders. And from what I understand my Hicap can be used.

Yes, you can take an output on the Hicap to connect a sub, if that’s what you meant. Many subs work best using their high level input from the speakers, so I would recommend investigating that option too.

Thanks, I will check that out. I keep looking for the Naim sub, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on the s-h market in Norway.

By the way, regarding the NEATs and Kudos mentioned; how do they match up with the Allaes? Do you know? I might be able to get my hands on a nice pair, as it turns out.

N-Subs are great if you can find one. I found mine slightly better using the high level connestion, but still good using low level from the preamp (or Hicap). Rel would be another good choice.

Never heard Allaes, perhaps someone else has made a comparison with the speakers on your shortlist?

Thanks. I will definetely look for one.

Does anyone by chance have experience with Kudos X3 and/ or Neat Motive SX2 compared to Allae?

Allaes are excellent but entirely different, you really need to listen for yourself as its usually a matter of taste and room boundaries.
You can do a lot worse.

No but I own X3s and wouldn’t change them for anything.
And yes I can afford supers or titans :+1:t2: