Kudos X3's

Mine are in my second system as well,

first being an iPhone and some Bluetooth B&W earbuds :joy:

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I had a pair of x2s and loved them. Very enjoyable speakers.

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I loved my X2s before @DomTomLondon took ownership of them and great to see he is still enjoying them.

I thought they sounded fabulous and looked very classy.


A great choice IMO, I hope you’ll get on well with them. I bought a pair of X3’s about 4 years ago…I think, I lose track. Anyway, I regard them as one of my best purchases of all time. Wonderful.

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Another X2 owner, lovely underrated speakers…
Enjoy your X3’s


@Songstream - Thank you. They are quite an update for me…
I operate low down in the HiFi foodchain, these days, only buying used, ‘pre-loved’ items - and servicing the Naim stuff that I have… :thinking:

I have a pair of white X2, which were my return to quality listening in combination with a Qute2 a few years back. I then upgraded the Qute to a Nova and had the chance to buy a pair of demo walnut X3 . Just recently i was able to buy a reasonably priced pair of Harbeth M30.1 . I use X2, X3 and M30.1 in different setups and they are all very good with different strengths. Hard to decide which are best, right now i‘m very much into the Harbeths because they make a very nice soundstage at low volumes. In that respect the Harbeths are better than the X3. The X3 however are excellent when played at higher volumes, they rock. I will never sell my Xs.


Sounds like a win then…? Kudos all round - los… :rofl:

Your Harbeths look at a glance like Kans on steroids…!!


You‘re right, they do

If they sound like Kans on Steroids, that would not be a bad thing… !!

I really like the simple line of the kudos, I was thinking of replacing My P3ESR with them to free myself from the stand. I found a great offer for a pair of x2. do you think they can replace the P3s without making me regret them?

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Can‘t comment on the P3ESR, but when comparingthe M30.1 to the X3 soundstage is better with the Harbeth. At higher volumes i prefer the X3

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ok, i bought the kudos x2 so i can compare them with the p3esr and then decide which to keep and which to resell .

Keep us posted upon your decision. I bet you will keep both.

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