Kummel - does anyone else drink?

Finding it harder to source Kummel these days. Try to get Mentzendorff. Anyone else a fan?

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Gosh that takes me back to working in the City circa 1980’s.

Are you a golfer?

(See wikipedia!)

It’s available on evil Amazon, and proper shops too, I’m sure.

Evil? Not sure how it’s different to other large online/physical retail outlets/supermarkets and so forth as they are there to make money for their shareholders.

I appreciate what you’re hinting at, but it’s probably far too late to reverse ‘bricks and mortar’ shop decline when they simply can’t compete and the average customer has become ruthless deciding where to purchase on price alone.

Personally I think Amazon tick many other boxes when it comes to customer service, but often fall down environmentally with excessive packaging though I’d be the first to complain when there’s thoroughly inadequate packaging.

They (and others) really need to be brought to heel in terms of business taxation, but ultimately that will push prices up for the consumer - again something politicians have left too late and something which could have at least helped to normalise opportunities for ‘bricks and mortar’ stores.


Interestingly (or not), even when you think you’re trying to do the right thing environmentally you get caught out.

In recent months we’ve been using a well-known ‘eco’ laundry detergent and only the other day I found out they’d ’sold out’ to P&G or similar.

Starting to think it’s not the stores that are potentially bad but the huge multinationals who’ve acquired all the popular branded lines/items and made them worse.

I love Kümmel! I also love other lovely digestives such as Kirsch. They sell Mentzendorff online at the Whisky Exchange


Could you try to replicate it somehow as a ‘home made’ gin variant?

I know little about such things but Mrs AC’s work colleague regularly makes such things with cranberries etc. for Christmas gifts.

Exactly this AC. It’s the cheapest and easiest place to shop. But their peoducts are excellent quality if you read a few reviews before you buy. They get a bad rap because Bezos is so rich now. Who cares, power to him. Another important thing is that their customer service is very good. This is something that is sorely lacking in Canada. The shopkeepers in Canada think they’re doing you a favor by being in business.
My sister-in-law thinks she’s doing the world a good turn by boycotting Amazon which is of course ridiculous. I buy anything I need, frugally, which means I retain more of my money. This allows me to give generously to three or four well-run charities. I don’t know why but I always do it at Christmas. Not a lot, 3 or 4,000 cad at this point, as we are still a tad tight from a litigation we’ve been enduring over the last three years. I look forward to making that 5 to 10,000 in the future.

My sister-in-law wouldn’t part with a penny. She thinks that donating a bit of her time and wasting money by not using Amazon is helping the world and will free the poor. They need a few billion dollars, not her time …


The frustrating thing is that decades ago I could go to a physical store and they’d have pretty much everything in stock.

Far too many times I’ve been to similar stores because I want to support them and they don’t have it in stock curently if ever - they can get it delivered to you quickly via their online website which is fine but I often want to see, hold and inspect the prospective purchase physically - if I can’t do that I’m sad to say I might as well buy from the cheapest online vendor and take my chances.


Appreciate the Amazon critique but was really hoping for some Kummel discussion :wink:


I’ve heard of it but never tried it, rather intrigued now!

I rather like these herby drinks. A real favourite is Ramazzotti. Mrs HH says it tastes like medicine.

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Me neither until I Googled it. It’s alcoholic so that rules me out.

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Used to enjoy Wolfschmidt Kummel many years ago and highly recommend it. Always enjoyed the Chartruese and Benedictine sector of the liqueur market. Excellent digestive qualities.

We buy wolfschmidt for my father in law every Christmas, vile stuff :rofl:

Because of tax avoidance

Some are, some aren’t - and many “reviews” are not worth the time it takes to read them, while others seem to be fake. The search engine is particularly crummy: eBay is better! However sometimes it is the only place to source particular things, or at a reasonable cost.

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And the reports of how they treat their warehouse workers


Avoidance/evasion etc they’ll do it if legal, that’s the problem. Many others do the same so probably not fair to single out Amazon.

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As for Kummel, is that the caraway liqueur?