Kyren Wilson - Well Debs it only took 5 years!

Oh dear! never mind, John

I didn’t watch all the match, but saw Trumpy in top form.
Kyren played fairly well but didn’t get the luck with the way the balls run…

Remember this exchange in 2019 Debs? I’m glad he’s made it at last!


Wow! where’s that 5 years gone!

Yesterdays conclusion at the Crucible saw some very entertaining snooker.

I routed for Jak Jones since before the quarter finals :wales:

However, must admit Kyren did make show more than enough to deserve the win :trophy:


Quite. Who knows where the time goes. When I realised the post was 2019 I started thinking about what I’d done win those 5 years as well - quite a bit to the house despite the “lost years” of Covid, but the biggest plus was upgrading my bike (as I couldn’t swim during Covid) and sticking with cycling rather than swimming.
As Dylan said, I was so much older then, I’m older now by far…but I still wanted KW to win. Having said that I had been impressed with Jak throughout and I thought overall the final had some very good snooker, even if the experts thought there were too many mistakes. Without the pressure it wouldn’t be the same!

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