La Mazocco gs3 versus La Marzocco Linea Mini

Has anyone any experience about how these two fine espresso machines compare with each other?

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Oh. It is looking like we are in the same project at the moment: I am very sure that the Linea Mini is my favorite. I do not have a lot of objective arguments. The Linea mini is simply offering everything I need and the look is definitely more appealing to me.

But I am very curious now that other replies are coming in here and what your thoughts are …

Great machines, very expensive…

If you’re mainly interested in build quality and not brand name, then i think you can get the same level of quality from other A-level brands for around half the price. I’m not really sure why Marzocco is so eccentrically expensive, around twice the price of many of their main competitors. Great machines nonetheless.

Even second hand the gs3 seems to fetch about £3,000

Any suggestions for UK?

It depends a bit on the type of machine you prefer!

I have a Londinium myself which is made in the UK and which i really like, but it’s a lever machine so a different approach than the semi-automatics:

They have a website at that you can check out if you like.

I have seen the Londiniums. They look great and the build quality looks exceptional. It will have to fit in a height restricted place so the lever looks like a problem

Yes the Londiniums do need quite a bit of room, at least 2ft i think would be a comfortable minimum…

Since semi-automatic espresso machines generally do need some occasional maintenance to keep them working well, it’s perhaps advisable to buy a machine from a local store that can provide service and support. If there are good stores in your area, perhaps it might be good to have a look which particular brands they are selling?

Most of the stores will do maintenance on brands that they don’t sell themselves, but it could be a bit more expensive and they won’t have parts etc in stock.

Lelit mara x or Bianca great machines are great Not as la marzocco mini tough:)

The Bianca looks fantastic. What is your experience of the Marzocco against the Bianca?

Lelit marax is what we (Mrs H and I) are considering as a Christmas present to ourselves to replace our aging Gaggaia classic.

None whatsoever but Bianca will be more than enough if you are not operating a small coffee shop.

Excellent design and a modern double boiler with the tech

I’ve never used either of the la marzocco machines but I have no doubt that they both make excellent coffee.

Looking at the machines specifications I’d go for the Linea mini. Pretty much the same functionality but the Linea is more manual so less faffing about with buttons and the LCD display, less to go wrong and a much faster heat up time.

I would go for the mini as well if I have to choose between 2 la marzocco, from what I learned from YouTube reviews not first hand experience

Snap! I also have a Londinium - though it needs a service

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The GS3 is a great machine, allows shot profiling and offers great temperature stability if serving lots of shots - or alternatively just doing one once in a while. But whether it’s worth it to you also depends on what sort of coffee you drink and which grinder you use.

The Londinum is also a great machine with a classic Italian lever group head. The latest version offers tremendous Bluetooth control of preifusion pressure.

Just saw this thread. I have both of these machines, a original GS3 from 2007 or so, and a LM in a holiday house.
They are now in very different price brackets. Both are just superb and make great espresso. Given a choice I would chose the gs3, it’s a bit more ergonomic to use, a bit more tweakable, and has things like automated cleaning which is nice.
I find the temperature profiles a bit different, the gs3 seems to ramp up during the shot, while the LM starts hot and ramps down. To me, the gs3 just edges it in taste, the LM has better steam.
I can’t comment on value for money as that’s an individual choice, but either could easily be a machine for life. Cheers.

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