Lack of space - NAIT XS 3 on top of ND5 XS 2 = bad idea?

I’m having a bit of a problem about how to place my new equipment. In a matters of weeks I hope to have a NAIT XS 3 and a ND5 XS 2 but I have very little space to place them in. Is it a bad idea to let the NAIT XS 3 sit on top of the ND5 XS 2? Or the other way around?

The purists will say its the end of the world. If its your only option then go with it. Its certainly not a bad idea. No-one is going to come to any harm. Although some on here may have a few tears.


Yes, it’s a bad idea, me too, see the photos published in 2019 I did like you, then I split and put it side by side and the sound is much, much much better … See photos 2020

But if you don’t have space you must at least isolate them with Fraim …

Thanks for replies.

If side by side, how much distance in-between them do I need?

As much as you can get, but even 1cm apart would be much better than on top of each other.


That’s exactly right, because the transformers radiate vertically and that’s why they interfere and reduce sound quality.

It’s not the end of the world to stack them, but spending over £4,000 and then not trying to get the best from the equipment would seem a bit strange.


I think it’s just a case of reading the manual.

Your NAIT XS 3 should be installed on a dedicated equipment stand intended for the purpose. Do not stand it directly on top of another item of equipment. Care should be taken to ensure that it is level. The amplifier should be installed in its final location before connecting cables or switching on. Ensure that the volume is turned down before switching on.

fair point. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all replies.

Ok but why other than that the manufacturer also sells hifi racks?
I have my nd5xs2 in top of my nait xs3 and I never ever heard any diff when moving components around. My system sounds great to my ears and I can’t wait to play another album. Sorry not sorry :slight_smile:


Ooh, aren’t you clever. I’m sure you are right and everyone else is wrong.


To help @klacke out, would some sort of platform in between help at all? Say something with 10mm glass?

I’m not sure how quoting from Naim’s own product manual is an issue here?
@klacke has asked the community if it’s a bad idea to stack his expensive and sensitive audio equipment, I’d tend to agree with Naim on this one personally.
How he interprets mine or anyone elses advice or opinion is very much down to him.

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I’m triple-stacking ND5XS2 / CD5 / NAIT5 on the bottom shelf of a 35 year old Sound Organisation table…

Could it be better? Probably. Do I have the space? No. Oh well. I’ll just be wrong then.


Your statement goes beyond what I communicated - there was nothing about other people being wrong there. I could happily use some hifi rack if had space.
And really never heard any difference when moving boxes around.

If radiation from transformer is the biggest problem - what distance (in cm) would be ok for transformers in Xs series? Can I just put some distancing blocks (wood or else) to achieve isolation?

Not just from a sound perspective - the feet will mark the other case permanently after a while.

@klacke I can understand and appreciate the dilemma where space is tight and compromises have to be made, but from a cautionary point of view, if you stack Naim units, the rubber feet can permanently mark the top of the cases. I know to my cost having stacked a 112X/150X/Flatcap2X pile temporarily for a few weeks before sourcing a couple of extra rack levels.

You only have to look at some of the photos of Naim amps for sale on the auction site to see whether they have been stacked or not, the feet marks can often be seen.

Not sure if this still applies and Naim have improved their case powder coating resilience, or changed the footer material?

Irrespective of sound Q improvements, just something to be aware of if preserving the box condition on new units is important to you.

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@klacke Welcome to the University of Hard Knocks. Enjoy your music on your new Naims.

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This is the only way I could do it, & I get a bit of much needed cupboard space too. The kit was on a cheap rack; side by side made a big difference, the bamboo ‘chopping boards’ with isolation feet under them brought an improvement too.
But: enjoy your system as is, get appropriate ‘support’ as soon as you can :slight_smile:


Have you looked at IsoBlue, (isobluefifi dot com) their system(s) are ideally suited for space limited situations.


If making marks from the feet of one to the case of another unit, just put something in between ?
The issue, if there is one, appears more the moonbeams from the transformer interfering with the other device.