Lana Del Rey tour cancelled

I was scheduled to see her next Wednesday, and have just heard via Ticketmaster;

"It’s with regret that Lana Del Rey today announces that she has been forced to cancel her entire upcoming EU/UK tour due to illness.

Speaking on the news, Lana Del Rey says: “ Sorry to let everyone down so last minute but this illness has taken me by surprise and have totally lost my singing voice. Dr has advised 4 weeks off for the moment. I hate to let everyone down but I need to get well. Love Lana”

ATB. George.

Yes I was due to go Tuesday :frowning: Such a diva :slight_smile:

Ah the Adele syndrome, get the cash in and quit IMO

I saw her at a festival last year, came on late, stopped 2-3 songs in and started signing albums and stuff. After 15 mins of that I walked off to another stage … I do like her but she does not seem to be the best live …

Beat me to the punch there. The albums consistently lack an editor but the live performance consistently falls well below expectations/hopes.

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Yeah, bloody women,eh?

But seriously, what on earth did Adele do wrong? Make music (admittedly not to my taste) which sold millions and millions of records making her (deservedly) very well off. And then, despite well publicised severe stage fright, put on a big tour of her last album which was v well received and audiences loved. Not quite sure what she did to merit a ‘syndrome’ apart from being very talented and successful. What a load of crap


She’s a money machine opportunist and a talentless, one trick pony. Everyones opinion has equal merit. If people like her fine by me.


I won’t be booking again to see her - I am disappointed though - booked tickets last October and had been looking forward to hear her.

ATB. George

You’ve obviously not heard Norman F*cking Rockwell?

London O2 venue would have been great for lana.
Seen her a few times. First one a small stage at a one a bigger stage at a festival. Then at a main stage at a festival. I felt that in every expansion she lost my attention. The music was great but her as a performer imo doesn’t fit well with large scale productions.
Glad now that I got tickets to see Brittany Howard at the O2 Forum instead. :wink:

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