Languid summer afternoon music

What say you? Only one album will do for me this afternoon.


That’s a late evening/ night album for me. Superb album though and what a voice.

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My choice, Cocteau twins “Victorialand”


Great album, Ingenue. Just a pity KD doesn’t produce more music. What a voice!

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No contest, for me this is perfect.



Winter here for us poor Southern Hemisphere folk…
Come November and hopefully some languid summer afternoons I’ll listen to some reggae :
The Congos “Heart of the Congos” regarded by some as the best roots reggae album ever…

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The track, Midday from Michael Brook’s Hybrid album is about as languid as you can get… in fact the whole album reflects this mood and style. Highly recommended.


I was listening to this album this afternoon and had to post under this thread

It’s one of those that grows and grows on you with a west coast gentle breeze type of vibe. Isobel Campbell’s voice fits the mood perfectly.

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