Laser maintenence?

Hi, I know I’ve read or heard somewhere that you should never clean the laser lens with any kind of solution. I think I may have done this sometime in the past (some alcohol solution I think) and wonder if I need to clean the lens with a soft cloth or something similar to remove any alcohol residues/film from the lens [Olive CDX]. BTW, what is the proper way to clean the lens, or is it not to be cleaned at all?



I think the advice is not to touch the lense at all with anything. I would fire off an email to Naim UK for advice, but be prepared for a long wait for an answer.

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General advice is don’t touch it or clean it unless it has already stopped working. Even then soft brush/blow any dust away before attempting a soft tissue wipe. My elderly nak oms1e had sat in my barn for 6 or so years and didn’t work. I blew out the insides and then treated the lens to the above and it is now singing happily again.

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Exactly. Best is to never touch the lens with anything as it’s far too easy to do damage or make things worse.

Adam’s post from the old forum might help here:

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Well, when I’ve had a problem with a laser not reading a disc properly in the past, I’ve used isopropyl alcohol gently applied with a Q-tip and then wiped dry. Never had any issues.

Best way to contact Naim support is to phone them.


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