Latest Muso Firmware

I upgraded my Muso to the latest firmware release and discover that if I play music via Tidal using Naim’s own app on the iPad it plays for about twenty seconds and then stops. If I go via the Tidal app it is fine. Anyone else experiencing this?

Sodastream, take a look at the topic “Tidal drop outs with”. Over 350 comments. You’re experiencing the dropout issue that many others are dealing with. Naim and Tidal are aware and working toward a fix. No timeline on that…
What country are you in?

Am in the U.K. Naim did respond to me with exactly what you have said. I can work the Muso quite satisfactorily via Roon or Tidal so am not compromised. Surprised this has been around for so long and not noticed it but I do use the Muso mainly as a sound bar.

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