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Recently I saw an ND5 XS2 with the serial number 881231. The list on Naim support ends long before that number. Could 881231 be a real serial number?
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Maybe a Staff build…?


I believe S/Ns beginning with 88 are internal products for Naim employees.

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Serial numbers starting with 88 or 99 can indicate an internal Naim unit - specials for in-house staff builds, photography, prototypes etc…

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88 = r&d prototype. These are also sometimes used for the photos released by marketing to use by hifi press / dealer websites.
99 = staff build, but was stopped in 2018. (So you’ll never see a 99 sn3 for example).

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And what does that mean 99? Just as good as other products of that type and year?
Internally the same?

Thank you for your information. This is very helpful for me.

Staff builds were either made by a random member of staff for themselves, or made by someone from wiring on their behalf as a favour (depending on how much they trusted their own soldering skills). Went through the same testing/soak. Charged at cost. The scheme was dropped in 2018.


I have a 300DR with no serial numbers on the amp or PSU. The dealer who sold it to me told me it was an ex staff member one. the receipt for the DR upgrade (and the box labels) have a shorter number reference, presumably some internal reference.

That will most likely be the rma number, 5 digits?

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