Latest RoonOS adds basic cd ripping

For those interested and use Roons ROCK os, they just released an update that allows usb cd drive and basic ripping. It does not use accruaterip by the looks of things but it use the ripper on Linux I have used on Vortexbox for years without any issues.

This is actually good news because I am fedup pi**ing around nursing vortexbox.

Yep, you do need to add you own tags though which is a downside, hopefully the update that. But what I have ripped so far Roon recognised without any tagging. It’s easy though to edit them with mp3tag over the network. It wont rip to NAS, but will to any storage you have connected to the ROCK device.

Interesting. The feature I want is being able to play my music remotely, from my iPhone when outside the home. Have you seen any chatter about that?? I could ditch my Google Music

It’s being worked on, but when it will see light of day, noone knows.

Hum, no ripping for roon only roon os, did not read that right, which is a serious bummer. Progress on roon is like watching continental shift patterns, like the internet radio feature.

I think i’d prefer continental shift slowness and a stable system rather than continuous updates and f*ckups. Bloody brilliant otherwise…

I’ve yet to have an update screw up my Roon functionality. Ive had it for about a year now.

Lack of AccurateRip check and hence opportunity to re-rip more aggressively and know when it has got it right may also be a limiting factor, albeit perhaps only significant for a small proportion of CDs.

Really 1.6 was huge update, with Qobuz and Roon radio changes.

This update is for their OS only as all platforms Roon runs on can also rip using other 3rd party software, you cant do this on Roon OS systems and makes it more of a complete server solution.

Even though it does not tag, Roon gets the metadata and if your export your library from Roon it will embed tags on export for use in other apps. Much like the Unitiserve did I suppose. I’m happy to tag them manually after ripping, I’m never ripping lots at once anyway.

It uses the more stringent method the cdparanoia can do. If it cant read it it won’t rip it. I’ve used cdparanoia for years with little issues and never needed accuraterip and I can count the ones that had issues on one hand and those were down to a too cheap drive I used. Changed that and they worked.

I have not found anything on windows the rips automatically on insert of cd and spits out at the end, except itunes, and thats flakey and indeed on the way out.

Its all well and good putting quboz in etc I get that, but the facilities they do implement should be rounded out before adding more. For instance the internet radio section is just crap has been crap for a year in my experience of using it, why not fix that before adding half arsed ripping with no tagging. Will this now be rounded out or will that languish like interet radio has?

They are different products. RoonOS and Roon server have different development cycles and RoonOS is not linked to the server at all. The whole operating system has three independent parts and each one can be updated without needing to effect the other. RoonOS has had no additional features since it was launched, Roon has had tons so I welcome this. I also use internet radio and improvements would be welcome but I would like to see Android app updated to deal with bitperfect to attached DACs before this as it’s my priority but I wont have a huff if something comes along first. In the 3 years I have had Roon so much has changed and all for the better. Rome was not built in a day.

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