Latest streaming update

Has anyone had trouble using Tidal since the latest streaming update? My 555 can get the Tidal screen up but displays a combination of the last artist searched for and the current music title! … and refuses to play any of it, unsurprisingly. Rebooted both device and handset without result.

Firstly, are you running the latest version of the Naim App? (5.23 for Apple iOS; 2.23 for Android)

If you are, trying logging in and out of TIDAL via the Naim App, and powering down your phone/tablet and back up again when all changes were made.

No joy there? Try restarting your router.

Worth noting that I have had zero issues since update with my ND 555 and TIDAL - either within the App or using TIDAL Connect.

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Yes, latest version of Naim app. Yes, logged out of Tidal via the app and back in. Powered down and up both the tablet and the 555. Have NOT restarted the router. Will do that when next in the audio room and report back.

It has been the usual audiophile story: a friend was coming over to listen to the 555. I ducked in to the music room a couple of hours before they arrived to warm up the amps and noticed a firmware update for the 555. Ran the update and subsequently no Tidal.

Put the power cable off for maybe 1 hour. Sometimes it works.
Then there’s also the factory reset possibility, if nothing works.

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Ok, an update (I only use the main listening room a couple of times a week) … I did everything clare.newsome suggested to no avail. Also tried putting the app on my phone and using that instead of the tablet. Identical result: USB inputs are fine, Tidal just ‘bogs down’ with the last track played from the USB displayed with the artist/s I have just selected on Tidal. Haven’t tried frenchrooster’s suggestion, will go and unplug it for a few hours now. All was fine prior to the firmware update.
Thx for the input. Everyone have a great Christmas!

Another thing to try is changing your TIDAL password - this forced update has helped others.

Also….is this issue just through TIDAL via the Naim App, or is it happening on TIDAL Connect via the TIDAL App?

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With the big system I have only been using Tidal via the Naim app. Everything has been fine with Tidal in the car and on the small system in the lounge.

My Unitiqute has suddenly refused to play any Tidal tracks via the Naim app on IOS and Android. I’ve tried all the solutions suggested in previous posts on the forum and Tidal works just fine using the Tidal app. Is there a Naim/ Tidal glitch in progress? Have latest versions of app and firmware installed…

All works fine on my MuSo…… internet radio is fine through Tidal app.

Is that after updating the Unitiqute firmware to 4.8?

No, it has worked ok for a while after updating to 4.8. Last thing I updated was the Tidal app, not 100% sure if worked ok since then. But tried deleting it and no difference.

Tried removing the power cord. left it unplugged overnight. After re-connecting I managed to play 2 Tidal tracks before it bogged down again. Best I’ve managed thus far!

Tried changing Tidal password, no result.Disconnecting the power from the 555 has been the only action that affected a change … after reconnecting Tidal played 2 tracks before ‘bogging down’ again

I’m copying @Stevesky in here, as he may have other suggestions.

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Hi @DrJohn

Send me an email on steve.harris(at) and we’ll do a few diagnostics steps. I’ve got a feeling there maybe something in your TIDAL account that is making it choke. We have seen issues with TIDAL stored user side Playlists that have gained corruption in them.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd


done … thanks!

Sorry Darran, I don’t have any other suggestions right now, but it seems that you are not alone in experiencing Tidal issues post 4.8 update. I see @Stevesky is on the case so perhaps he will be able to get to the bottom of it.

A big thank you to Steve Harris and Clare Newsome who took time over their holiday to help me with my Tidal issues. Deleting and re-installing Tidal on my tablet did the trick. Just to quickly clarify, I have Tidal on both my phone and tablet. After the latest update neither would operate, would choke after trying to load first track. re-installing the app on the tablet has worked. trying to use the app on the phone does not work (though it still does in the car and on the small system). That seems to narrow things down somewhat.
Hope everyone has a great New Year (and don’t mention the cricket … I mean war)


try deleting and re-installing the Tidal app. it worked for me

My Nova updated fine, but even after a reboot it wouldn’t play nice with Roon until I’d power-cycled my router.

Thought I’d lost a ton of bass, but eventually realised Jennifer Warnes probably wasn’t a fair test. A few Faithless tracks later, I’m satisfied it’s still working…

Same problem here. All of a sudden Tidal refused to play any track through my NDS. Rebooting NDS and router,logging off/on Tidal, nothing helped.
Until I read in this thread the suggestion about the Tidal app. Have that too on my phone. Logged off from Tidal on that app and logged off/on to Tidal on the Naim app on my tablet. And hey presto all is fine again. My guess is that something was messed up with my account on the Tidal site and logging off/on with EVERY app connected to Tidal clears some account settings at Tidal.

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